What the Sanguine Girl Wondered

The sanguine girl wondered if those personal physiological peculiarities which rendered her somewhat of an outsider looking in, perhaps represented a distant shadow of things to come. A whispered echo or fleeting reflection of the future shape of humankind. The sanguine girl wondered if she might perhaps more charitably view herself as some kind of … Continue reading What the Sanguine Girl Wondered

Going Nowhere Backwards

The children play gaily knowing nothing of the blood which soaks the earth nor the mountain of bones beneath their feet. Knowing nothing yet of proud history, noble tradition, nor the wealth of nations, the guiding hand of politics or the grace of god. Perhaps theirs will be the generation to bring enlightenment at last, … Continue reading Going Nowhere Backwards

Rock Star Kitty Kitty

Kitty screamed into the microphone at the top of her lungs, pouring all her frustration and anger into the words. Her passion and vehemence overwhelming her rapt audience though she was barely even aware they were there anymore. Knowing only the anger and outrage which had compelled her to form the band as a pressure … Continue reading Rock Star Kitty Kitty

Blood Seduction

What aspect of my being so beguiled her that she would emerge from her shadowed realm to take my hand in hers I cannot say, for the mysteries of her ancient and fathomless soul are far beyond my comprehension. The riddle of that which might inspire such an entity as her to romance, so much … Continue reading Blood Seduction

A Seaside Romance

I gazed long into the impossible depths of the curious girl’s eerily hypnotic and startlingly vivid aqua eyes. My heart falling deep into deliciously luxurious fascination even as my mind grew increasingly transfixed by the beguiling musicality of her gorgeously lyrical and oddly mesmerizing voice. The stranger’s divine lips speaking so seductively of secret wonders … Continue reading A Seaside Romance

Wild Dog

Extra sensory preconception breast strapped or tackle tucked misdirection. Fooling you and fooling me in utterly pointless tomboy/girl foolery. Hey. I made I rhyme. Shall I try another? Cruel shards of shattered wicked witch glass scattered wantonly without even the pretense of class. A solemn and portentous murder of crows or predictable dew drops on … Continue reading Wild Dog

Answering the Call

Her roots burrowing deep into the dark rich earth of the graveyard of mythology, the mass grave of legends long dead. Its soil fertilized with the blood of myths and fables forgotten, the very living stone the bones of the old world etched with the first words. And she, delving deep, seeking, searching for the seed of truth from which the tree of life grew.

The Phenomenon of Belief

[S]he found belief systems endlessly fascinating. For instance: When they said God, [s]he heard a word conceptually virtually indistinguishable from tooth fairy, Easter bunny or Santa Claus. [S]he was an unrepentant godless heathen heretic and to [h]er, this was in itself a form of conviction comparable to faith. [S]he made not claim to atheism.

Rescue Remedy

One day [s]he realized, truly realized its presence, although s[he]'d always been aware it. The chant, the mantra, the prayer, the plea. Repeating over and over in [he]r internal dialogue. Sometimes louder sometimes quieter. Sometimes emphatic and insistent. All too often suicidally sung. But it was always there. Pianissimo. Fortissimo. Please let it be over … Continue reading Rescue Remedy


Female hemale shemale humale junkmale. Unnatural selection versus perfect imperfection deselection. Darwinism versus creationism versus blah blah blahism. Guess what. Nobody's at the wheel. The conversation is vigorous. The conversation is heated. Why is there a conversation? Why is there a debate? There will be no winners, only losers. I am. We are. Bad luck. … Continue reading XX Y O Y


S/he wished s/he could say s/he was a girl or a boy, s/he wished s/he could say s/he was gay or straight. S/he would even be happy to call he/rself gender-normative or binary, or even asexual or bi. Something that someone somewhere would recognize. As normal or abnormally normal. Or something. Or someone. But none … Continue reading Wishes

Make a Smiley Face

It certainly wasn't all bad, not all doom and gloom and woe is me. It was objectively actually kind of fascinating, a little like running a marathon. Finding out how far past the limits [s]he could go, finding out just how much pain s[he] could take. Horrors and nightmares harrowed [he]r mind, dread gripped [he]r … Continue reading Make a Smiley Face

Pick a Card

The maiden will bring you the prize of vigor and joy at the beginning, she will lend a haughty gleam to your eye and willful defiance to your heart. The mother will bring you the gift of vitality and creation, and the strength and courage to do all which must be done. The crone will … Continue reading Pick a Card

Hope Springs Eternal

Radiating from my heart and creeping through my flesh, infiltrating even unto the surface of my skin. From the tips of my toes to my scalp, there is pain. Every sound is as sharp and acute as a keen razor. The very clattering of my fingernails on the keys of this clamorous board are an … Continue reading Hope Springs Eternal

Secrets but not necessarily lies

They were never ever the person I thought they were, not in the beginning. My best guess wasn't even close, people are complex and ever evolving. But on the other hand, I was never ever the person they thought I was. They weren't even as close as not even close. You live, you love, you … Continue reading Secrets but not necessarily lies

Is spite the problem?

So, about climate change denial. Good grief, I can't believe this is a thing. But anyway. Squabble and quarrel and rail and fight and scream and shout all you like. See, humanity's my thing. My one and only. I ain't got much choice in the matter. None of the popular cliques want the likes o' … Continue reading Is spite the problem?

Trash or treasure

[S]he wondered, what have we got to work with here? What am I? Who am I? Then s[he] got all existentialist and full of [he]rself and wondered why am I? [S]he was kind of a wanker like that, but the question remained. Am I diamond in the rough? Maybe. Who can really say. [S]he was … Continue reading Trash or treasure


S/he'd had quite a day. S/he'd laughed, S/he'd cried. S/he'd known the bliss of true love and the warmth of friendship. S/he'd broken bread in good company and been out on the town. S/he'd had a wonderful time. S/he'd also knelt in a scalding hot shower with tears streaming down he/r face. Wishing s/he could … Continue reading Scrubber

Why the hell can’t I leave this alone

What is it? Morbid self obsession? Ego? I find myself online once again searching for...something. What? What am I looking for. Identification? Identity? Validation? Value? Worth? Why? I already have that. I am me. I know what I am and what I look like. I'm an involuntary gender/sex/sexuality non-uniform person and I look light a cheap … Continue reading Why the hell can’t I leave this alone

Whoops Apocalypse

I'm sick and tired of all the lies. All the waste, all the hate, all the hypocrisy and deception. All the hogwash firehosing and transparent gaslighting and puritanical propagandizing. I'm afraid to stick my head out of the front door in case bullshit starts raining down from the skies. And we're never going to grow … Continue reading Whoops Apocalypse

For You

So much beauty I have known and so much joy I have felt. The warm embrace of love and the calming comfort of care. It doesn't take away the nightmares or mend the damage done. It doesn't hasten the arrival of dawn or still the fury of the storm. But it sure as hell shines … Continue reading For You

Glass Jaws and Wooden Hearts

A song beautiful enough to drown out the memory of the sickening crunch of cracking bones. A sight lovely enough to blind the eye to the ghastly sight of blood in pools and spatters and the memory of fists and boots. A voice sweet enough to stop my ears to the memories of stifled screams … Continue reading Glass Jaws and Wooden Hearts

LumberJA[ck]NE boots on the ground

'Hey, does my bum look big in this?' [S]he queried, to [he]r mind perfectly innocently. Although what s[he] was in fact saying was, please tell me I'm beautiful. Please confirm my sense of self worth, it's feeling a little shaky. 'Why, yes it does, my sweetheart. Positively monumental.' [S]he heard in reply. Although the answer … Continue reading LumberJA[ck]NE boots on the ground

Allow [s]he to introduce [he]rs[elf]

[S]he. Is a magical mystical mythological entity. A theoretically implied circus freak clown of a basic bitch. And [s]he's a witch. And s[he]'s laying out all of [he]r magic before you. Invoking every hex and spelling every spell [s]he knows. Chanting [he]r beguilements and glamours and spells. Cracking open [he]r chest, [he]r rib cage spreading … Continue reading Allow [s]he to introduce [he]rs[elf]

We worship greedy gods

We have been enslaved by the mindless chaotic gods of commerce. The demons of more than enough is never enough are their heralds. And the devils of my neighbor is achieving more than I am are their envoys among us. I am lazy. I must get motivated. I must set and achieve my goals. I … Continue reading We worship greedy gods