WARNING! Mature content.

My mouth on her mouth. Her lips to my lips. Teeth biting. Tongues wanting. Hot breath drawing in and out. When does she begin. Where do I end.

There is no other living being in all of creation. Just me and her and all that we are. Perfect. Imperfect.

My hands on her body. Hers on mine. Needing. Nails digging. Hurting with want.

I take her. She takes me. I open to her. She opens to me.

I start at her throat. Biting. Fingers tightening. Nails digging.

Next to her breasts. My tongue on her. She rising for me. Biting. Tugging. She stiffens between my lips. My teeth.

Then down.

Her belly. My lips.

Her breath hot. Heavy.




She moans. She sighs. Her voice broken with need. She aches. She pulses . She throbs. Her blood races. Her heart beats.

I part her. Hold her open. Her smell. Her sex. My tongue on her taste.

So wet. So very wet.

So ready. So aching. So needing. So wanting.

Her lips. My tongue. Long slow strong strokes.

Lapping. Licking. Wanting. Needing. Desiring. Burning. Her clitoris. Swells. Aches. She stiffens and rises for me. So wet for me.

I take her between my lips. My mouth on her mouth. My fingers sliding pushing inside her. First one then two.

Lapping and lapping.

She moans and she groans. Her sex pulses, She aches. She throbs. She needs. She nears.

Nearer and nearer.

Her orgasm emerges. Her body stiffens and strains. She stresses and tenses.

She emerges for me.

Knuckles white. Grasping. Gripping.

Lapping and pushing. Fingers and tongue.

She moans. She pants. She gasps. She cries out.

She erupts for me. She detonates.

I won’t let her stop.

I keep lapping. Pushing. Driving her deeper and deeper.

She comes harder and harder. Stronger and deeper.

I won’t let her stop coming.

Deeper than she’s ever been.

She will never forget. My fingers. My tongue.

Until her hands clutch. Grab. Pull at my hair.

I stop. But she doesn’t.

Her body aches still.

Still pulsing.

Still throbbing.

She holds herself. Her legs spread wide open. Now clamped shut. Now open again.

She curls up. Holding herself.

I hold her. I soothe her. I calm her. She convulses.

And when she’s ready. She gets her revenge.

She makes me ache for her. Like I made her ache for me.

She makes me scream.

She makes me explode.

She takes me.

And then.

She sets me free.