Sister wolf went to the pond to speak with the frogs, for she was feeling a little confused and turned all about on the subject of this and that. And frogs are wise in the ways of life as is well known, for they have much time to ponder the nature of reality. Sitting about on their lily pads as they do, waiting for flies or mosquitoes to happen by.

And taking a seat  by the pleasant pond where the frogs dwelt, sister wolf said unto the amphibious sages.

‘Say there sister frogs. I have questions to ask, for I find myself somewhat discombobulated. Specifically concerning the subject of what’s real and what aint.’

‘Whatever do you mean?’ Replied the frogs to sister wolf. ‘Surely you can tell for yourself what’s real and what is not. Don’t you recognize the truth of the warmth of the midday sun on your fine pelt as real? Or the the blood and the meat of the prey you have run to ground? The comfort of your lair or the love of your mate? Do you not see the truth and reality of these things?’

‘Of course I recognize the reality of these things, sister frogs.’ Sister wolf replied. ‘But I do not speak to these matters. No, it is the more immaterial things which confuse me. The feelings and emotions which dwell in my heart, the thoughts which swirl in my mind and the meaning of words which have been spoken to me.’

‘Tell us more, sister wolf.’ The frogs replied, their intellects now engaged by the wolf’s inquiry.

‘Well.’ Sister wolf continued. ‘The moon speaks to me sometimes and it seems to me that what she has said isn’t quite the same as what she meant. And sometimes the sun speaks to me too. As does the wind and the wild woods too. And sometimes I get confused, for it seems to me that what they meant by their sayings is not quite the same as what I understood.’

‘Indeed it seems to me that I often misunderstand and misinterpret. Despite that we all speak in the same tongue and use all the same words to describe things. So I beseech you sister frogs, can you tell me how it is I get so befuddled?’

And there followed a pause of not inconsiderable length as the frogs croaked amongst themselves. While sister wolf patiently awaited an answer.

Until at last the frogs addressed themselves to sister wolf once more, croaking their answer in chorus.

‘How many worlds are there, sister wolf? Worlds where you can hunt prey and live your life, excluding the immaterial spirit worlds.’

‘One that I know of, the one where we dwell now.’ Sister wolf replied.

‘And how many creatures do you reckon dwell withing this world, sister wolf?’

‘A number far beyond my reckoning, sister frogs. Indeed more than there are stars in the sky.’

‘And how many wolves are you sister wolf?’

And sister wolf a little puzzled by this question paused for a moment to make sure she had heard right. Even going so far as to view her wolfy visage reflected in the pond to confirm her supposition. Before rendering unto the frogs her answer.

‘But one.’

‘And how many spirits have you sister wolf? Excluding the spirit wolf you are when you sleep and dream and the sister wolf you will be when you die?’

‘But one.’ Sister wolf replied now quite lost by the frogs reasoning.

‘Well therein lies the reason for your puzzlement and discombobulation.’ The frogs replied.

‘You are indeed but one wolf, sister wolf. In the same way that the world is but one world, excluding of course the immaterial spirit worlds.’

‘And just like the world you are home to many creatures. Or to be more precise, many spirits.’

‘Whatever can you mean?’ Puzzled sister wolf of the frogs.

‘Within you, sister wolf. Dwells sister love and sister hate, sister fear and courage, boldness and shyness, greed and content. All sister creatures and spirits unto themselves living within the world of you, friend wolf. Indeed the number of spirits in you number just as stars in the sky.’

And sister wolf cocked one ear askance as the frogs further elucidated. Her mind puzzling over their croaks as understanding gradually dawned in her mind.

‘So when you feel confused or puzzled by the meaning of what has been said to you, sister wolf. Or if you discover that what you supposed was said, does not tally with what you thought you heard. You must ask yourself a question. And can you guess what that question might be, sister wolf?’

‘Well….’ Sister wolf replied, reasoning the problem through in her mind. ‘I suppose….I must ask myself which spirit who dwells within me, is the one who heard the words which confused me.’

‘Was it sister love, or was it sister hate? Sister greed or sister contentment? Or any other of the spirits which dwell within me.’

‘Do I have it correct clever frogs?’

‘Indeed you do.’ The frogs croaked jubilantly, to see their dear sister arrive at understanding.

‘And now will I have comprehension instead of confusion?’ The she wolf continued expectantly.

‘Oh, no! Not at all.’ The frogs replied in mirth. ‘Your confusion will still be with you, just as it always was. But it is no longer on its own, for now it is accompanied by reason.’

‘Go now sister wolf. Talk to the moon and to the wild woods. Talk with the wind and the sun, but remember to ask yourself always. Which spirit is it who dwells within me, is the one who now listens.’

‘And do not expect miracles, sister wolf. For there are none. There is only reason and inquiry, which if practiced diligently may in time render wisdom.’

And sister wolf was happy with that.




Just a little harmless something which came to me. It is what it is and is nothing more than that. Thanks for reading