Yeah! I did it, I went there. I bought a cape and now I own a cape. And do you know why I bought a cape? I bought a cape because I deserve one, I earned my cape.

And now I have one and I’m excited and proud. It’s big and black and drapey and flappy and I adore it.

I can wear it with draped with my distressed ratty top, skinny jeans and my my fuck off big boots so I look like a scary goth bat freak. And I have this big black scarf to wear with it which really ties the whole outfit together. I look like a nightmare carnival creep and I love it. No fucks given. Hah!

When I got home I twirled and and whirled around and around in front of the mirror. Frolicking and reveling in the capey goodness like a giddy silly happy tit. So proud of the fact that I earned my cape and now I finally had one.

A cape.

Fuck yeah.


It’s not really a cape. It’s more of a poncho. It’s called a poncho on the website of the place I bought it from. A shop called Elk which has all kinds of pretty lovely things I like.

But, you know. This whole thing just doesn’t work if I go ahead and say, fuck yeah! I bought a poncho.

It kinda lacks something if I say poncho instead of cape.

It’s a cape. It feels like a cape and I want it to be a cape so….

It’s a cape.



Whippoorwill XO


My cape….poncho….thingy….