Believe absolutely everything you read, every last word no matter how batshit crazy it may appear to be.

Especially if you read it on the internet, believe every last single nonsensical scribbling. No matter who wrote it and doubly so if I wrote it. Even if it disagrees with your own reason and common sense. Even if it challenges everything you thought you knew to be right and true, believe it.

It will make positively no difference whatsoever to the ultimate outcome of anything worthwhile or important. Embrace insanity, throw you arms around madness and give yourself heart and soul to glorious unreason in all its manifestations.

You are but a pin prick of light which glimmers for the briefest moment, in a vast fathomless abyss of pointless emptiness. So throw your arms in the air and wave them like you just don’t care. And for mercy’s sake dance like nobody is looking.

Truth is an illusion. Nobody belongs anywhere. Nothing is destined or fated to be. It’s all just random shit and you are a basic bitch. And I am the most basic of all bitches!

Lambs to the cosmic slaughter!


Ahddub Yttihs.