What follows is an incomplete extract from an anonymously penned note of considerable age, discovered in an antique bureau. I take it to be some work of fiction, although it appears to be a fragment from some personal communication.

I include it here as it is most curious in it’s content. As to it’s veracity I offer no opinion, for  my speculations are no more nor less valid than any others.

It begins.


I am wont to commune with strange and eldritch entities, for I am by dint of my unconventional heritage conversant with their singular modes of communication. Although I wish I was not so at ease with and beguiled by their discourse. For by way of preference I would much rather be as repelled and as cautious of their whisperings and seductions as anyone else.

Oh would that I were of entirely mortal blood and wholesome human breeding. But alas we both know full well, that such is not the case.

But be that as it may, when one shares a commonality of intellect and apprehension and a mutually coherent lingua franca with such entities. Amity often arises despite ones preferences.

Whatever the case, if in associating with me you have found yourself visited by those imps and pucks with who I do sport so recklessly. I offer my sincerest apologies for their behavior.

I am well aware of their deviltry and the chaos and misfortune, their presence tends to infect ones existence with. And further, I am aware that they have insinuated themselves into your affairs to some degree. For they have whispered of it to me in the most lurid and obscene tones. Although to what extent they have meddled in your dealings, they have not specified.

This lamentable state of affairs is to be considered unfortunate. And indeed undesirable to put it in the mildest terms

Although I will not say that I am sorry, for sorrow is a sentiment I have long since abandoned. For those waters run deep indeed when one makes the type of associations I have made. So deep in fact that one might very well drown in regret. 

Therefore despite that I still count myself wed to accountability, I will not add insult to invasion by offering ineffectual expressions of sorrow, for any unwanted attention from such creatures. I do however apologize that their visitation upon you was as a result of your having associated yourself with me.

In my defense however, I would remind you that you knew what I was from the outset….


Unfortunately this is all which remains of this curious missive. The remainder having disintegrated upon extraction from the bureau, such was its advanced antiquity and fragility.

Would that I could present more.