Warning! Profanity abounds herein.


Now I believe Ralph Waldo Emerson was talking horse flop out of his hat when he said. Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.

I look back on history since Emerson’s death in 1882, and I see a hell of a lot of strong manly men causing a series of wars and genocides and disasters, effecting a hell of a lot of innocent folk with a terrible amount of what they might rightly consider, some seriously bad fuckin’ luck.

I believe it would render a tremendous amount of good luck to a great many people. If strong manly men who take such dangerous and sloppy pronouncements to heart, would quit strutting about the world causing shit like WW1, WW2. And every other horrifying conflict those strong men felt was right, effecting everybody else with stuff like getting shot and blown up and maimed and killed and murdered and genocided and whatnot.

Life might very well be all about cause and effect if you’re one of those fine strong manly men of conviction. But for the rest of us poor so and so’s, it’s a lucky lunatic lottery what effect these strong and manly motherscratchers are gonna cause next!

But what the hell would I know? I aint one o’ those fine strong men. I’m just some unlucky nobody, know nothin’ from nowhere in particular, keepin’ my head down so I don’t get effected by their cause.

Shallow men…mumblemutter….luck….sputtersplutter…..fuckin’ strong men….cause and effect! What the motherlovin’ fuck?! What the hell kinda horseshit is that?!

1,300 children die of dysentery every day. Plain and simple, easily and inexpensively treated, entirely preventable dysentery. Go ask them about luck! Oh wait, you can’t! They weren’t strong men with a righteous belief in cause and effect!



Just sayin’ is all.