Someone once said and then everybody started saying [persistence pays]. If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.



The things people say.

I repeated the phrase over and over in my head. Adding a golden years [shower. Ha!] of cinemah [duh] Hollywood musical [score] tune theme thingy [anthem]. It still sounded like washed hogs [horse flop] to me.

I’m not falling for you, sloppy aphorisms [seismic schisms][psychic prisons]. I am not buying your [iconic] religion/ self help program/ weight loss solution/ get rich quick scheme/ miracle cure. I am not falling for you [actually I am].

But hard [hark!].

Herald Angels [sing it, bitches]!

How do people feel when they say things like this? Wise [enigmatic]? Clever [dick]? Superior [smug wanker]?

I dunno. Maybe if I turn my brain [rhymes with mutiny] off.

Maybe I could contract it [catch it] [it is kinda catchy] too.

After all. I do enjoy the indulgence of self love. Actually quite a lot. [can barely keep my fingers out of my knickers] Some days.


I’m the smug/ superior/ self satisfied [thank you very much] wanker.

Just don’t talk down to me, is all I’m saying. We’re both standing ankle deep in mud.


Thank you for imparting me. Still not a robot.


Note to self. Buy more batteries. Lots of batteries. And lube. Lots of lube. The big bottle this time.

The sun is coming out [queerly enough]. And I feel a big ole O coming on and on and on.

Oh golly.