Life sentence destiny of infamy. Infamy! Infame! They’ve all got it in for me!

Initially just playing [toying][dildoing] with it.

Cat and mousing it [chase me!].

But now [or later][maybe sooner than I think] it’s time to take it at face value [seriously?]



Let’s strap [on] in. Saddle this wicked bucking bronco bitch and ride her like a [mental] [psychic] rental.

Into the ground until well and truly irreparably fugged is how I do [or do I?] or seem to. Guess that’s just my way [wile][wait a while].

But that clock.





And I’ve only got so many hands.


Yes. I wrote this….Pretty [vacant] sure. Mmm….Maybe I am a robot? How do you tell? Let’s try asking A.I.


Me: A.I.? Am I a robot?

A.I.: Hitler led the first public anti smoking campaign.

Me: No, A.I. I didn’t ask that. I asked, am I a robot?

A.I.: Hitler did nothing wrong.

Me: God dammit, A.I.! Fix your shit!