So along with all the garbage from cspan, fox news, dating sites, escort services, online casino’s, random creeps and all that other predatory stuff. The spam net seems to be catching more genuine comments than usual lately. Perhaps it is the sheer volume of the crap avalanche, I don’t know.


The point is. If I have appeared recalcitrant in approving, replying to or acknowledging and answering comments lately. I apologize.

Thank you.


Whippoorwill XO


P.S. And while I’m at it. In case I haven’t boosted this signal loud enough lately, thank you all so very much. Ever since I decided to be honest and open about my trauma, dissociation, mental health, gender freak challenges, twelve weeks ago. Engagement has gone through the roof

The sheer volume of love, support, encouragement and general loveliness from all of you out there, often has my heart swelling fit to burst and tears of gratitude and joy falling abundantly from my eyes.

Good golly. I feel so loved and appreciated. Thank you all so much for your likes, follows, comments and overwhelming love and affection.