There was romance and seduction, sweet whispered words and bold suggestions. There was poetry in motion as they danced their pretty dance. There was giggling and smiling and coy looks and even the tossing of hair. Awkwardness and misunderstandings too. The whole box and dice. The whole shooting match.

But there’s comes a point. You know that point. Where it comes down to the marrow and the dance is definitely over. Or maybe it’s just beginning. Who can ever really tell with these things.

The cute gets too cute and the time for playing games is done. One of them decides to have it out once and for all. To say their say come what may.

And then it begins.

Heart to heart and hide to hide. You know full well what I want. Let me tell you how I want it to be and lets be clear on this. No mistakes and no doubts. No second guesses and no misconceptions.

I want it. Both barrels and I mean to have my way and I mean for you to have yours too. I want you, my sweetheart to get savage with me and make me shine.

I want you to seduce me straight the fuck out of my pants. I want you to knock my socks of so you can see my toes a curling. I want you to pick me up, carry me to your bed and throw me down like you mean it and fuck the living daylights out of me.

I mean to say. I mean for you to make me sing and make me scream.

I want you to tear away everything which stands between you and me. I want to get naked. I want to get sweaty. I want to get slutty with you. I wanna be your pretty plaything and your rag doll toy to sport with as you please.

I want you to pin me down and straddle me. Then crack me open and tear the heart right out of me. Hell, you own the damned thing already, so just take it from me would you? And hold it up so I can see it beating in your bloody hands. And whats more, I want to see you looking to me narrow eyed and grinning wicked when you do.

And you know what else I want to see in those eyes? I want to see lust a burning bold and bright. I want to see heavy hunger yearning. I want to see wanton need and carnal craving. I need to know that your aching for me like I’m blazing like a bonfire for you. So go ahead and let me see it clear and clean.

And you know what else I want?

I want you hands around my throat a squeezing until I gasp and choke. I want your mouth on mine. I want your tongue and mine tongue tied. I mean to say I want hot breath a mingling so I no longer know where you begin and I end. I want your teeth biting down on my trembling bottom lip so hard it makes me whimper.

I want your hands on my body taking control. I want you at my throat. I want you bold as brass and fearless meaning to have your way with me. And again I say, no mistakes and no doubts. No second guesses and no misconceptions.

This is my naked and unapologetic inspiration.

And you’d best believe I want you to bite as well as bark. I want you to leave your mark upon me so you and me and everyone else knows right clear. I gave myself to you and you took me. You made me yours and I allowed it.

I want them all to know that I belong to you. Let’s be clear. I mean for you to own me.

I want you to fuck me to within an inch of my life like you mean it. I want you to drag me by the hair kicking and screaming every inch of the way. Straight to heaven or to hell or wherever the fuck you mean to take me. I don’t care. Either way is fine by me. Just so long as it’s you. And you mean it.

Are we clear on that?

Maybe not?

So let me spell it out a little more.

I want your teeth and your tongue at my breast and I want your sweet kiss betwixt my legs. I want you to gobble me all up like I was the sweetest most delicious treat in all creation. And you know what else? I want your fingers inside me as you do.

I want you to make me moan and make me sigh. I want you to make me scream and make me cry. I want to be huffing and puffing and panting like a beast. I want you. To make me come so hard and so long that I’ll be begging you to stop. And you know what.

I don’t want you to stop. I want you to push me harder and deeper down into it than I have ever been.

And when you’ve had your way, I intend to have my way with you.

So. Are we clear on all that.

Do you know what I intend for you and me to do?

Then let me have your answer and don’t be shy.


And with the proposition put who the hell ever knows what happens next. Wide eyed startled staring and dropping jaws or drawers a dropping. It’s only ever always a roll of the dice.

But hell. Someone has to say it plain or it never gets said. And after all, what’s a life for if not for daring to risk it all.


Just a thought.

Whippoorwill XO


The bewitching poet Tara Caribou, read and recorded this work and published it on Soundcloud. To listen to her readings, follow the link below.

And be sure and visit Tara’s site, Raw Earth Ink to read her beguiling work. I guarantee you will be ever so glad you did.


Thank you so much, Tara. To hear your words in mine was wonderful beyond my ability to express.