No snarks [sharks]. No sarcasm [orgasm]. No romance or adventure or dreams rendered real or [phoney baloney] fairy tales come [undone] true.

Just sleepless descent [indecent] and spiraling downwards [up up and away].

Just desolation [hibernation] and exhaustion [contortion] and aloneness [not alone] loneliness [really][I’m fine] and tears [tearing][down] falling free.

No. No words [present presentations excepted].

But [still].

I tend a light, deep in the very core of my being. Which I refuse to allow to be extinguished. This is my line in the sand. My last stand. My forlorn hope. The hope I will defend tooth and nail until my final breath.

I will not be broken.

I refuse.

But I will allow myself to be a miserable bitch who likes to spread spread the love around. If that’s what it takes to make it to the finish line.

Then that’s what it takes.

I will swallow my pride and whine and howl and moan. At least until the bandages and the blindfold come off again.


Thanks for letting me vent [blow off] steam.


Whippoorwill XO