Come on now lets get to it like prairie fire a roarin’ and a racin’ hot and heavy as the beating of my heart and the coursing of my blood.

Let’s you and me run willful wanton wild and feral ferocious and just as free as we can be.

Through the door and down the step and off the porch and into the woods four legs sister come a racin’ in the wilderness with me.

Tongues a lollin’ mouths a panting legs a workin’ eyes a shinin’ bold and starry bright.

Up the path and into the woods and round the twist and up a tree and right back down again oh four legs sister won’t you chase me won’t you try and catch me.

Just you try and run me to ground.

Betcha can’t catch me but you know I know right well I bet you can and I’m a countin’ on it can’t you see?

Oh won’t you show me one more time oh please oh please won’t you weave for me another hex and cast your magicks all around me and about me

Oh me oh my oh please.

Won’t you please me oh I know you know how it does please me when you set to your beguiling ways.

And catch me in your magicks as you do.

Just as I knew and hoped and wished you would and we fall to tumbling and to tussling together in the wild.

And then we aint four legs no more but two.

Just two of us together interlocked and interlaced and intertwined just like I wished and hoped we’d do.

And then we rise and rise sky high and even up unto the stars all shining and glittering so gorgeous gay and gleamy sittin’ so pretty as they do with sister moon on high

And we fall and fall and fall together you and me and that falling is so like rising I can’t tell the difference anymore and I don’t care because it you and me.

And we are free.