Caution: This gets pretty intense and blends reality and fantasy and insanity all together into one big bloody batshit crazy mess. Just sayin’ is all.


‘The circus is comin…! The circus is a comin…!’

‘Today! Yep, It’s gon’ be today!’

Lil’ Whippoorwill ran all around town, beakin’ off and pipin’ up and singin’ her song. The same ole song she always sang. The one all the folk knew note for note and din’t even think to pay heed to anymore.

‘The circus is a comin’ today! And it’s a gonna stay fo’ eva’ moar!’ The lil’ Whippoorwill insisted, her enthusiasm a bubblin’ and a boilin’ and a flowin’ over unabated.

‘Sure it is, lil’ Whip.’ The people answered after their kindly and lovin’ fashion.

‘Sure the circus is a comin’.’

But perceiving that the goodly people were disbelieving of her advisements, Whippoorwill took to frustration that folk were payin’ her no heed. Setting her pretty little face to frownin’ and screwin’ up her eyes all narrowed and fierce. Clenchin’ her fists white knuckled like and stampin’ her foot in an angry manner. Her fair freckled brow beetled in consternation.

‘It is a comin’….It is….Just you see if it don’t!’

‘An leme tell ya sumthin else, yew won’t like it when it does!’

‘This is a circus the like of which yew ain’t nevah seed befoah!’

‘An lemme tell ya sumthin else agin….you all had best to run an hide. I’ma tellin’ yew, you’ll be right sorry ifn yew don’t!’

And all the people treated lil’ Whippoorwill as kindly as they might, for she was a sweet little creature when she wasn’t ravin’ and beakin’ off so. But it crossed the minds of several people that perhaps this time, lil’ Whippoorwill was actin’ a little too touched. They wondered if perhaps it was time for lil’ Whippoowill to be taken into special care. For the purpose of safeguarding her own wellbeing and good, of course.

Although they let that sleepin’ dog rest a little longer. For lil’ Whippoorwill abruptly ceased her runnin’ around and beakin’ off forthwith. Haring off to attend some other matter, the good folk had no wish to know the nature of.

But the lil’ Whippoorwills purpose was innocent enough. She only meant to go out to the town limits to await the arrival of the circus she just knew was comin’. For she was sure as sure and had hope in her heart that what she had seen in visions and dreams was true.

That indeed the circus was coming. And soon.

So Whippoorwill hopped into her dead daddy’s truck. Setting herself up on an old apple box so she sat high enough to see. Placing her feet upon the blocks she had securely tied to the pedals as well.

And skidding of in a cloud of kicked up gravel and dust, Whipsy set off for the edge of town. Driving like a breakneck maniac set loose as was her wont. Arriving at the shot riddled welcome to Perdition population sign in no time flat.

And setting herself upon a crate in the open bed of the truck, Whispy Wills settled in to wait for the arrival. For she had seen that the circus would come by this way. She knew it from her dreams and visions and felt the truthiness of the fact through and through.

And lil’ Whippoorwill whistled gaily and sang sweet pretty love songs to herself. Wiling away the time set upon the task of cleaning and oiling her dead daddy’s shotgun. Putting up her long curly ginger hair. And hitching up the skirts of her dress, to prevent its ruination with gun oil. Musing happily upon the time she did blast her sinful, wicked hearted daddy good and proper in both knee caps. And lettin’ him have but good and both barrels too.

Remembering happily also how he did bleat and moo so pitiful, as he lay kneecapped and bloody blasted upon the dusty ground. And lil’ Whippoorwill did smile as she put aside the shotty. And set to honing her dead daddy’s razor upon the stropping belt. Bracing the buckle end of the heavy leather stroppy strap beneath her oversized booted foot. Musing upon the way her daddy had squealed and cried, when she set to work razoring away his fathers limb. The wicked tool with which he had wrought so much grief and havoc and harm and hurt.

And finally lil’ Whippoorwill set to honing and oiling her dead daddy’s hunting blade. Recalling gaily how he had gurgled and gulped and screamed ever so pitiably. That time she had used the fine steel blade to gut him and have his insides out. Showing him the gory proof of his predicament as he begged and pleaded, before taking her time in opening up his throat. And finally butchering and burning his carcass, when he was at great length done with his long death.

And lil’ Whippoorwill recalled fondly how Mamma Mayhem had whispered and soothed her through the whole gory affair. Talking to her in her thoughts and helping her in guiding her hand, as she wrought her vengeance upon her wicked hurtful daddy.

She remembered how through every bloody stroke of the razor and the blade, Mamma Mayhem had soothed her. Calming and encouraging her as she worked her bloody vendetta.

‘That’s a good girl, lil’ Whippoorwill….you be sure and cut him but deep now…..’

‘Blast daddy’s kneecaps good so’s he can’t flee nor run away….and cut away that wretched ole boney cocker, my sweetheart. So’s Daddy wunt be able to wreak no more heartache with  it ever again….’

‘And be sure and gut him good and thorough sweet whispy mine….and let him see his own umbels good and clear….you show him, my dear….’

‘And be sure and draw that blade agin his throat good and slow, sweet Whippy….just so he dies good and gradual and knows all about it as he does so….’

But as lil’ Whippoorwill happily sang and smiled as she lingered in her memories, the day began to set to dying off slowly itself. And Whipsy began to worry and grow concerned and downcast. Maybe she had it wrong in her dreams and visions.

Maybe it was all a mistake. And maybe what she heard people whisper behind her back was true. Maybe she weren’t right in the head after all. Maybe she did need locking away in special care as they alluded to.

But just as her mind turned to fretting on such speculations, Whippoorwills heart rose and sang for joy. For something wonderful was happening.

The setting sun quickly began to turn crimson. And as the night drew nigh the skies became dark and red, much like the hue of blood when emptied out of an artery.

And shimmering into existence, much the same way a mirage does as it glimmers on the horizon. Lil’ Whippoorwill saw it. The caravans and the trailers and the trucks. And knowing right well what the convoy was, Whippoorwill hopped to her feet. Jumping up and down and clapping her hands thegither in glee. Tears of happiness tumbling from her eyes as she giggled in ecstasy.

‘It’s the circus! It’s the circus! The carnival has finally come!’

‘Just as I hoped it would!’

‘Just as I prayed to ole Scratch hisself so very hard that it would!’

‘Finally! Atter all my secret murdering and a sacrificing….the circus has come…!’

‘After all the magicks and the hexing and the summoning and calling….it has come….’

And as the lead trailer drew level with Whippoorwill’s dead daddy’s truck, the whole carnival rolled to a stop. And Whipsy read aloud what was ‘blazend upon that lead trailer.

‘Mamma Mayhem’s Grand Ole Ancient Circus O’ Horrors.’

And just then the trailer door flew open, and the prettiest finest lady Whippoorwill had ever seen in her life stepped out. Smiling and a beamin’ for joy from ear to ear, when she laid loving eyes upon her sweet Whippoorwill. Singing loud and clear in a sweet tone.

‘My darlin’ Whippoorwill! My precious only chosen one. Won’t you come to my arms, greet your Mamma Mayhem with a cuddle and a kiss.’

‘For you have summoned us! You have brought us into the world.’

‘All your prayers to ole Scratch and all your sacrificing and calling have opened up the doors. You done it all right and proper and at just the perfect time.’

‘You have brung about hell on earth!’

And with her heart fairly jumping in her chest, lil’ Whippoorwill flew straight into Mamma Mayhem’s open arms. Fairly singing and a cooing with joy to finally see her sweet Mamma at last.

‘There’s a good Whippoorwill.’ Mamma Mayhem trilled joyously. ‘Such a good little girl you are, to love Mamma and ole Scratch so well as to welcome us home.

‘Thank you Mamma Mayhem! Thank you ever so.’ Lil’ Whippoorwill cried in reply.

‘Now, my sweet Whippoorwill, would you like Mamma to tell what happens next?’

‘Yes please, Mamma Mayhem. Won’t you tell it for me? Won’t you tell me how it will be?’

‘Well my darlin’. I brought the whole entire circus with me. I got my Imps and my pucks, I got my devils and demons too and all the lost souls and damned fallen ones and the cast down and out. The circus freaks and carny creeps, I brung them one and all and they are ravenous indeed. And here’s what we’re gon’ do.’

‘First we will roll into Perdition town. And we will make a lake of blood and an ocean of fire for one and all to drown and burn in. Over and over forever more. Won’t that be nice, my darlin’?’

‘Oh yes, Mamma. Yes!’

‘And you know what next lil’ Whippoorwill?’

‘What, Mamma Mayhem? What?!’

‘Well my darlin’. When we’ve done with perdition, we roll on to the next town, and the next one after that. And we won’t stop a rollin’ on until the entire world is a drownin’ in blood and a roastin’ in flame.’

‘And do you wanna know what the funny part is, my darlin’ lil’ Whippoorwill?’

‘What’s that, Mamma mayhem…?’

‘Well the funny part, my dear. Is god in his heaven don’t even care no more. He washed his hands o’ his people long ago. Wun’t be no rapture, wont be no raisin’ up nor making of angels or calling to paradise.’

‘Their god the father is an absent and recalcitrant father, more’n happy to see all his people burn and not care a lick about any of em.’

‘But best of all, sweet Whips. Is ole Scratch aint like that. No not like that at all. Ole Scratch still cares about each and every soul. And it is Scratch who will do the sorting out of who burns and who dun’t.’

‘Aint that sweet of ole Scratch, dear Whipporwill? And it sweet o’ ole Scratch to still care atter all this time?’

‘Yes, Mamma Mayhem. Yes it is.’

And Whippoorwill rode into Perdition town with the circus. Just as happy as she could be to dwell beside her sweet Mamma Mayhem, with ole Scratch watching over them both.

And The circus did roll into town just as Mamma Mayhem said it would. And all came to pass just as she described.

And ole Scratch did rescue those who were not destined to suffer, for they were not deserving of such. But there was precious few of them, let me tell.

And as for lil’ Whippoorwill, she was made as a queen of her very own little piece of hell. And all those souls who hurt the little ones. The wicked people who broke their children’s hearts and spoiled their bodies with their evil doings and works. They were given unto whippoorwill.

And lil’ Whippoorwill made damn sure they all suffered for eternity and until the end of time. Each and every one given very special attention indeed.

Oh yes indeed.


Just a thing I wrote. Thanks for reading