The patients eyes blinked open and immediately beheld the prettiest, most radiant smile she had ever seen.

‘Are you an angel…?’ The patient asked as she sat up in her bed.

‘Yes. Yes, I am.’ The apparition replied in a friendly tone.

‘Oh….well. Does that mean….I’m dead?’ The patient ventured further, a little surprised that the though of her demise did not unsettle her.

‘No.’ The angel replied. ‘More like born. You see, life and death doesn’t work the way you thought it did. But don’t worry about that now. You’ll have plenty of time to figure these things out. There’s no rush. Not anymore. No hurry at all, ever again.’


‘Um….is this heaven?’

‘No. There’s no such place. All that heaven and hell stuff was just stories.’


‘Good. I never did like those stories….But if this isn’t heaven, then….where are we?’

‘Somewhere else. Somewhere better.’ The angel answered reassuringly.

‘Oh. Okay.’

‘Um…?’ The patient began before trailing off into mildly befuddled silence.

‘Yes…?’ The angel prompted.

‘You look exactly like that actress….Audrey Tautou.’

‘Do I?’ The angel beamed brightly.

‘Yes.You do….why…? Are you….Audrey Tautou?’

‘No.’ The angel chuckled gaily. ‘You made me this way. You always were head over heals with Audrey Tautou. I incarnated this way the moment you awoke.’

‘Oh….okay. Um….thank you?’ The patient ventured.

‘You’re welcome.’ The angel smiled before continuing. ‘Do you like me this way?’

‘Yes. Yes I do.’ The patient grinned and nodded enthusiastically.

And as the patient fully awoke and began to take in her surroundings, she noted for the first time that she was incomplete. Not fully rendered. She had form and presence, but she was in some sense a blank canvas.

And she noted also that she was entirely bereft of fear, trepidation or concern of any sort. She was entirely calm and at peace with herself. And also in some way she found difficult to define, entirely lacking in thought or personality.

But not in any way which left her feeling bereft or distressed. The sensation was more one of exciting and fascinating potential. She was herself still, but in some kind of embryonic state.

As though every aspect of her being had been wiped clean.

‘Um…?’ The patient began as she regarded her unformed self.

‘Yes?’ The angel prompted.

‘Why am I….blank?’

‘Ah.’ The angel announced jubilantly. ‘You are newly created. This is the part where you get to invent yourself.’

‘Oh. Okay?’

‘But don’t worry.’ The angel continued. ‘Nothing is permanent in the least. You will be able to change anything at any time. You’re entirely free her. To do and be whatever you please.’

‘Okay….um….good. How does it….you know, work?’

‘Well. We talk, you and I. We work it out together. Would you like to begin?’

‘Okay’ The patient smiled happily. ‘What do we do?’

‘Well, first of all we begin with self love. You must know that first before anything else. Would you like to learn self love now?’

‘Yes please.’ The patient eagerly agreed.

And the angel approached the patient, adoration and sincerity shining in her pretty Audrey Tautou eyes. And she pressed her beautiful Audrey Tautou lips to the patients and gently kissed.

And as she did so, the patients entire being was suddenly inundated with the miracle of self love. The gorgeous sensation filling her to overflowing, such that the patient felt as though she were melting.

Until after what felt like a perfect eternity and a sublime moment, the kiss ended and the angel resumed her seat. Grinning and chuckling happily to see the patient lost in her rapture.

‘Oh my….I’m….I’m beautiful….’ The patient uttered in her bliss stricken state.

‘Yes.’ The angel giggled.

‘I’m beautiful….and I’m clever….and….and I’m wise and wonderful and….oh my. It’s….it’s….’

‘Yes.’ The angel giggled again, thrilled with the patients progress. ‘You always were, you just didn’t know it. Not really. You could never see you.’


‘Okay. So what happens now?’ The patient eventually sighed.

‘Well, now.’ The angel announced. ‘Now we create you. But this time we put our heads together and cooperate. We think it through carefully and we get it right.’


Thank you for reading


Whippoorwill XO