The blatant proposition was made. Unmistakable and and undeniable. There was no taking it back now and no desire so to do. There was only the pounding heart hope and the white knuckled wish. That fantasy might be dragged kicking and screaming into reality.

I want you to take me and make me yours, I want you to fuck me baby for real and all.

And the answer was supplied in like flagrant fashion. The response uttered loud and clear via wanton lips and carried upon hot breath to ringing ears.

Eyes narrowed and flashing bright as a razor. Vision dimmed and swimming with clear fevered  want.

Oh, I already made you mine and now I mean to prove it. Now I mean to make you know it and never forget. You’re in for the real deal, my sweet girl. I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before and then you’ll know. Then you’ll see.

Oh yes indeed. You will feel me.

I will leave my mark upon you.

And she could do nothing but bend before the delicious savagery of that passion which meant to have it’s way. And it came down upon her like a like a calamity, leveling her more surely than a natural disaster.

Eaten alive and greedily gobbled up whole and complete.

And all night long she did hang on for dear life as she was dragged to the very brink. Again and again and again until her cracked voice pleaded and begged breathlessly.

Please baby, please set me free.

Until at last her ecstasy was torn from her. And she was raised high in elated euphoria and cast down into a delirium of fathomless pleasures. Each more cataclysmic in magnitude and devastating than the last.

Eruption. Detonation. Blinding revelation. Over and over and without end.

Begging for it to stop and wishing it would never ever end. Suffering and relief made as one and rendered meaningless in that hexen bonfire bright of relentless lust.


And over…..

And over again and again.

Leaving her writhing in her rapture and convulsing with bliss. Leaving her wondering how and wishing when and wanting….more….please more….

Just as soon as my ears stop a ringin’ with your name. Just as soon as I catch my breath again.

I beg you….

More, please more….more me…..more you…..more us together forever and ever…..

Then and there and here and now too.


This time it’s my time. You’ve had your way with me and now I mean to get even with you. I’m going to make you scream like you made me scream. Tremble and quake like you did to me.

Oh me oh my. Yes indeed I felt you but now, you’re gonna feel me me too.

That’s what I want and I mean to have what I want.

Oh yes indeed. I mean to have my way with you.


Whippoorwill XO


The bewitching poet Tara Caribou, read and recorded this work and published it on Soundcloud. To listen to her readings, follow the link below.

And be sure and visit Tara’s site, Raw Earth Ink to read her beguiling work. I guarantee you will be ever so glad you did.


Thank you so much, Tara. To hear your words in mine is wonderful beyond my ability to express.