Witches Promise

A work in progress


NSFW Mature content


The new girl had appeared from out of nowhere, her presence in the office entirely unheralded and unexplained. One moment she wasn’t there and the next she was, without fanfare or introduction of any description. She had simply materialized, as though delivered into the world via some kind of obscure magic rather than by any conventional means.

Or thus it appeared to Kim Lee, who all morning long simply had not been able to take her eyes off the beguiling girl. For try as she might to resist the urge to stare like a creep, again and again Kim found herself distractedly stealing ever more lingering and covetous glances.

The new girl was just so strangely compelling, Kim simply could not help but stare. Although she could not pin down precisely why she was so hopelessly intrigued. The new girl was beautiful to be sure, but that fact alone did not account adequately for the depth and intensity of her fascination. She was attractive, but after a queer and wholly unconventional manner. Hers was the mesmerizing and alien allure of the serpent. Seductive and exciting but dangerous and intimidating as well.

Her raven black hair was cropped close at the back and sides, styled into a slightly severe looking vibrant blue, partially dyed pixie cut. And Kim found the way her bold hairstyle gradually faded towards the nape of her neck, highlighting the shape of the odd girl’s long slender throat, impossibly alluring.

But for as much of a sucker for a shapely throat and a cool hairstyle as Kim was, there was far more to her fascination than that. It was the curiosity of the new girls’ mannerisms and the graceful fluidity of her movements in particular, which captured her interest. There was something about her hands, they were strong and agile with short blue polished nails filed to wicked points. They were so sensual in the nimble fluency of their motion, that it was giving Kim all kinds of naughty ideas.

It was the way the new girl’s long fingers seemed to stroke and caress rather than tap the keyboard. It was the way the tip of her middle finger described little circles on the touch pad while she thought, like she was teasing the cursor. Unsettlingly reminiscent of the adorable but murderous savagery, with which a cat toys with its prey.

The plain and increasingly insistent fact was, that the new girl was outrageously scary sexy. But certainly not in any way that Kim was familiar, much less comfortable with. Whoever this person was, she quite unlike anyone Kim had ever seen or encountered before.

And she was effortlessly pushing buttons Kim never knew she had, and she wasn’t even doing anything. She was just sitting there working, perfectly innocently. But to Kim’s perceptions, that was more than enough to do the trick. For the new girl was possessed of some innate quality which inspired Kim’s imagination. Some elusive and indefinable something, which set her heart racing with excitement and inspiration. So much so that a flush of heated arousal began to stain Kim’s pale peach cheeks vibrant pink.

Kim began to squirm uncomfortably in her seat as she found herself growing increasingly excited. Her imagination inundated with vivid images of those beguiling finger tips teasing and tormenting her, just as they so teased the new girl’s touch pad. Unabashedly erotic imaginings of the new girl’s hands reaching under her skirt, and creeping beneath her panties filled Kim’s thoughts and engulfed her senses with sensual agitation.

She couldn’t help but imagine those agile fingers, stroking her to excitement. Teasing and tormenting and working their way inside of her. The girl’s deliciously full angel bow lips whispering secret seductions. Promising pleasure and fulfilment far beyond her wildest fantasies, before finding their way to Kim’s.

But there was so much more to Kim’s fascination, than simple physical attraction and sexual desire. There was a particular charisma about the new girl, some elusive quality that was irresistibly bewitching.

An impression made all the more remarkable, by the simple fact that the new girl had uttered not a word. All she had done was materialize in the office, open her laptop and set about whatever work it was she was engaged in.

And to her astonishment and mild distress, an overwhelmingly powerful heat and hunger began to rise in Kim’s body. Filling her heart with carnal longing and her mind with urgent wanton craving. The new girl was getting her horny as a hell cat and there was simply no denying it.

Kim continued to squirm discreetly in her chair, increasingly desperate to relieve her uncharacteristically intense arousal. The new girl was just so thrilling and so captivating, and Kim’s erotic impulses were rapidly growing overwhelmingly insistent.

The mere presence of the mystery girl, was so very intoxicating and so very, very stimulating. That Kim found herself contemplating the most outrageous notions.

Perhaps if she were careful. Perhaps if she pushed her chair as far forward beneath her desk as she could, maybe no one would see. Perhaps she could indulge herself, just a little.

‘Oh my god….Kim….’

‘….what the hell, are you even thinking?’

The thought shocked Kim, even as it coalesced in her mind and became wilful intent. And she began to feel more than just a little uncomfortable with the intensity of her fascination.

She was letting herself get far too distracted and way too carried away with her urges. But the shroud of mystery and temptation that seemed to envelop the new girl, and the erotic hunger her presence inspired, were too impossibly intriguing to ignore.

Was this what people meant, when they talked about auras and chakras and energy fields and such? Kim didn’t really know about those things, but the new girl definitely had something uniquely dynamic about her.

Something almost magical, something strangely captivating and eerily bewitching. Something so powerfully arousing that Kim simply couldn’t bear to restrain her urges a second longer, regardless of the potential for disaster.

And casting a furtive glance around the open plan office at her colleagues. It struck Kim as odd that nobody else seemed to have even noticed the new girl. She had simply turned up out of the blue without a word, set herself up at an empty desk and gone to work, and nobody had reacted to her presence at all.

What was wrong with them? Couldn’t they feel her presence the way she did? Couldn’t they see how unutterably amazing she was?

And who the hell was she anyway? Was she joining the team, or was she on secondment from another department? She could be an outside contractor, but she didn’t look like any consultant that Kim had ever seen before.

But putting her speculations aside and throwing caution to the wind, Kim Lee resolved to acquiesce to her carnal urges.

And after satisfying herself that she could get away with a little indulgent mischief undetected, to her astonishment Kim found herself beginning to relent to her impulses. She pushed her chair forward to hide her discreet activities behind the shoulder height partitions of her cubicle. Leaning back far enough so she could see the new girl.

‘Oh my god….’

‘….what are you doing, Kim…?’

Fortunately her work station backed onto the windows of the high rise office, and Kim only had to keep watch to the left and right. She would have to be very, very careful but she simply couldn’t help herself.

And glancing furtively around the room once more, Kim reached beneath her skirt and bit her lip, as her fingers began to stroke her inflamed arousal through her underwear. The new girl had made her so very wet, her panties were already uncomfortably damp with exhilaration.

‘….oh god….’ Kim’s rational mind protested, even as her sexual instincts began to get to have their wicked way.

‘….what are you doing…?’

But despite the protestations of her conscience, Kim’s inflamed libido persisted in its erotic insurrection. And finally the walls of her resistance fell. And Kim’s eyes narrowed and became glazed with arousal, as she clandestinely observed the queer new girl, and acquiesced to her urgent fascination.


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