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The new girl sat back in her chair to review her work, then suddenly turned and looked directly at Kim Lee, as she sat pie eyed and breathing laboriously, wiping her guilty fingers dry after her secret indiscretion. Her brow still shining with perspiration and her pale peach cheeks still aglow with the blatant rosy flush of sexuality indulged.

And apparently discerning immediately that Kim had been up to no good, the new girl locked eyes with her and quizzically raised one eyebrow a little. With a sly knowing grin emerging at her lips, as she leaned back even further in her chair to peak past the partitions. To see what wickedness the flush cheeked, misty eyed girl was up to beneath her desk.

The queer new girl’s preternaturally large dark eyes fairly sparkling with wicked inquisitiveness. A bemused look of what seemed awfully like full comprehension emerging in her expression.

And Kim was caught entirely by surprise, the spell was shattered in an instant leaving her flustered and distressed at having been caught. Her heart suddenly beginning to race frantically with panic, as realization dawned in her mind that the new girl knew. That maybe she understood precisely what she had been up to and why.

Kim quickly tossed her tissue in the bin. Awkwardly sat upright in her chair and straightened her skirt and blouse as discreetly as she might. Hurriedly returning her attention to her work and valiantly attempting to look like she was busy, even as panic spread like wildfire in her mind.

‘….oh my goodness….did she see…?’

‘….does she know…?’

‘….oh golly, no….please no….”

Had she been caught, did the new girl realize what she had been up to? The way she looked at her and grinned so wickedly and knowingly certainly suggested so. And Kim was absolutely mortified by the thought that she may have been discovered in her clandestine indulgences. Such that she was compelled to clasp her hands together before her as if in prayer to prevent them trembling visibly.

‘Okay….just calm down….think about it, Kim….’

‘….maybe she doesn’t know….how could she…?’

Maybe if she looked busy the new girl would think she had merely been lost in thought, instead of staring like a weirdo and fingering herself right there at her desk. Or maybe she would think Kim just happened to be looking in her direction while pondering some weighty problem or other. And maybe she’d think she was blushing because she was ill or something. Maybe?

‘Yeah….maybe she’ll think that….’


And then to her further horror, a vibrant blush of embarrassment began to stain Kim’s pale freckled cheeks bright red. Accentuating the lurid flush of arousal and satisfaction which already discoloured her face a vivid hue.

‘Or maybe she’ll think I’m a freak….’

‘….some kind of creepy perv….’


‘….oh my god!’

‘I am a creepy perv….’

‘….the creepy office perv who flicks herself off at her desk….’

‘….oh….Christmas trees…!’

And with this a fresh wave of embarrassment flooded Kim’s entire being with the heat of shame, lending an even greater brilliance to her already bright glowing cheeks.

Kim knew that when she blushed it was always very conspicuous, she just had that kind of complexion. And although she tried to breathe deeply, to make the blush go away, it was no use. She could feel the heat in her cheeks spreading beyond her control and staining her throat as well.

‘Okay….calm down, Kim….just pull yourself together.’

‘….just breathe….’

Maybe the new girl hadn’t noticed after all, maybe she had looked away again. Kim risked a glance over to find out.

“Oh god….” Kim whispered under her breath.

The new girl was looking right at her, with a broad wolfish grin of wicked amusement spread across her face. And in desperation Kim put the palms of her hands to her glowing cheeks to hide her blush under the pretext of rubbing her eyes.

“….oh goodness….” she whispered again, her features fairly glowing with embarrassment.

“….Oh no….Oh no, no, no….”

Eventually Kim risked another sidelong glance to see if the new girl was still looking at her. Discovering that she had returned to her computer but was working now with a wry grin adorning her lips. Her long fingers tormenting the cursor and teasingly stroking the keyboard once again. So sensually. So seductively.

‘Oh golly….she’s so….’

But Kim was lost for words. Her mind had become a confused maelstrom of burning embarrassment, beguiled intrigue and erotic consternation. And it was a good five minutes of glancing back and forth between her work and the new girl, before Kim began at last to calm down a little.

‘….okay….so you got a little carried away and….had a little orgasm. No big deal….’

‘….everyone does it after all….it’s nothing to be ashamed of Kim….everybody masturbates….it’s fine….’

‘Except when you do it in public….’

‘….at work….at your desk!’


‘Oh shit….!’

And the most horrifying thought suddenly poured even more dread into Kim’s already tortured mind.

‘….did anyone else see…?’

She nervously scanned the office, searching for any sign that there had been any other observers of her clandestine indulgence. And to her relief she appeared to have gotten away with it. There were no furtive whispers or amused grins. Except for the look of wicked amusement which the new girl still unabashedly wore.

‘Okay, looks like you got away with it….mostly.’

‘But never again, Kim Lee….’

‘….never….ever again.’


Eventually Kim managed to compose herself and return to her work. Concentrating on the bungled reports, and making a concerted effort not to stray again. Striving with all her might to banish the new girl and her indiscretion from her thoughts.

The QA department were of little practical help, she would have to try and figure the mess out on her own. Kim sent a copy of the reports to her team leader Belinda, explaining the problem and what she would have to do to fix it. And Bel sent back a reply telling her it was okay, to take whatever time she needed. Just get everything straightened out, and she would deal with QA herself. So Kim focused on the reports and went to work sorting through the jumbled mess.

As the clock ticked sluggishly on, she gradually managed to pull the numbers into something resembling coherence. She was making headway but it was after two already, this would take until the end of the day at least.

Kim successfully resisted further temptation and focused on her work for the next half hour or so. But she found herself abruptly distracted yet again, when new girl got up from her seat.

‘New girl….’

‘….have to do something about that, find out her name.’

Kim discretely observed as the girl rose from her chair, she was tall, athletic and powerfully built. The gym bag and yoga mat stowed under her desk told the full story. And she was impossibly sexy, though in a way which would perhaps not be considered so in any traditional sense.

Her shoulders were comparatively narrow but well defined and her hips were broad and shapely. Her curvaceous thighs were thick and strong, and her rear end was gorgeously round and shapely in contrast to her narrow waist. And her breasts were wonderfully small and cute in proportion to the rest of her full figure, and her braless nipples were apparent beneath her shirt.

Entranced, Kim watched her raise her tattooed arms above her head, lock her hands together and stretch. Shifting her broad hips and rib cage from side to side, working the stiffness out of her spine. The butterflies of infatuation reappearing in Kim’s belly, and her previous shame and guilt giving way to yearning once again.

The new girl stretched like a sleepy cat in the sun, and Kim found her attention once again entirely forfeit. Lost in the serpentine curve of her spine, and in the fluid movement of her lithe but shapely body.

The new girl’s shirt had ridden up a little, allowing a teasing glimpse of midriff above her belted jeans. Revealing that her tattooing was every bit as comprehensive as Kim had imagined.

And Kim breathed deeply and hungrily as arousal heated her passions anew.

The new girl returned her arms to her sides and rolled her head from side to side, working tension out her neck. And for as captivated as she was, Kim forced herself to look away. She absolutely did not want to get caught again, she was embarrassed enough already.

‘For goodness sake, Kim….just pull yourself together….’

‘Why don’t you just go over and say hello…?’

‘Right now.’

‘….just walk over, put out your hand and say, hi I’m Kim.’

‘Stop being so awkward. Stop acting like a creep.’

But before Kim could summon up her courage and take action, the new girl was on the move. Making her way to the kitchen with an empty coffee mug in hand, the swaying of her hips as she walked holding Kim’s rapt attention every step of the way.

And Kim’s heart suddenly rose as she at last found her courage, this was her big chance to finally make a connection with the strange new girl.

She picked up the cute little owl shaped teapot she kept at her desk. It was stone cold and empty.



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