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And with acquiescence given before the irrefutable domination of the wytch’s binding magicks, both of the otherworldly creatures turned to face one another. Still kneeling as if about to partake of some unholy sacrament, which posture they had maintained since entering Hekataea’s realm. And the wytch’s entire being thrilling with near delirious excitation, to witness the bending of the daemon succubi to her power.

They began to kiss, slowly and teasingly at first but with ever mounting fervour and passion, putting on a fine show for the wytch’s amusement. Biting and nipping at one another’s lips, making something of a display of the meeting of their tongues.

Making sure the wytch beheld the glistening forked appendages, as they met and caressed. Azorah and Hazebaal lapping and licking one another’s lips in the most lewd and provocative fashion. Each of the daemon succubi radiating and feeding off the glamourous seduction of the other, and surrendering to its combined preternatural embrace.

All the while Hekataea strived to maintain her composure as the daemons began to play for her lascivious amusement. Although she was so filled to overflowing with carnal lust, that she felt her entire being might well burst into flames at any moment. She watched as the succubi lingered at one another’s lips, tongues teasing and teeth tormenting one another.

They began to caress one another’s bodies, hands straying across thighs and breasts. Buds stiffening with excitement, as moans and sighs began to escape both creatures’ throats. Both of them blatantly inciting the other to increasingly apparent stimulation.

Succubi were perpetually in a state of at least partially provoked arousal, constantly craving flesh to seduce and souls to consume. And it took little to incite their daemonic passions to rampant extent, as evidenced by their animalistic purring and growling.

And the wytch watched entranced as Azorah’s hand wandered between Hazebaal’s legs. And began stroking at the mouth of her femininity, tickling her lips and causing her member to rise and throb and jerk with arousal.

And Hazebaal in response to Azorah’s attention leaned back, placing her hands on the floor behind her for support as she presented herself to receive pleasure. Sighing deeply as Azorah’s finger tips teasingly awakened her hunger and provoked her lust to rampant extent.

The creature beginning to breathe heavily and with increasing urgency, as Azorah’s fingertips stroked at her increasingly hungry lips. While simultaneously salaciously tormenting and teasing her excitement.

And Hazebaal sighed and moaned all the more bestially, as Azorah leaned forward and began to lap at the daemon’s breasts with her forked tongue. Hazebaal’s nipples visibly stiffening and growing acutely erect at Azorah’s lewd teasing. The purring and gnarling of both the otherworldly entities cutting through the air, and ringing in the wytch’s ears as the beguiling song of sirens.

And the wytch Hekataea did her best to stifle the faint whimpers of arousal, which began to escape her throat. Her body beginning to tremble as she struggled to control her laboured breathing, and still the rapid working of her pounding heart. The sight of the prehensile forks of Azorah’s daemon tongue, pinching and lapping at Hazebaal’s excited nipples filling the wytch with wonder and want.

Indeed the excitement and exhilaration between Hekataea’s legs rapidly became too insistent to ignore any more. As Azorah stroked at Hazebaal with one hand, while the other went from caressing her own lubricious arousal to attend the creatures rising member.

And Hazebaal began to gasp and purr sharply, as Azorah provoked her daemonic limb to ever greater pulsing rigidity. Wantonly stroking the length of it and salaciously tickling the tip with her clawed fingers. Tormenting Hazebaal in the most deliciously cruel and wilfully provocative manner.

Knowing full well that she was tantalizing and seducing the wytch’s senses, just as she was most assuredly stimulating her fellow daemon succubus.

And maddened with hunger even unto the very limit of her patience, Hekataea slipped her cloak from her shoulders allowing the garment to fall to the floor. And seeking to cool and soothe her pulsing body, she took a bottle of invigorating anointing oil and began to prepare herself for the adventure ahead.

The wytch’s eyes fixed as if mesmerized, upon the otherworldly apparition of the daemon Azorah provoking Hazebaal to ever greater heights of stimulation. Her senses entirely beguiled and her mind transfixed, by the explicit display playing out before her startled, lust glazed eyes.

And Hekataea began to apply the sacramental oil to her arms, quickly moving to her breasts and throat where it pleased her hands linger. The feel of the oil on her skin so very gorgeous, simultaneously enlivening and soothing. It even helped moderate the maelstrom of carnal craving that boiled within her, causing her flesh to thrill with erotic anticipation but with a somewhat ameliorated urgency.

The wytch’s hands lingered long at her breasts, stroking her to proud excitement and delighting her flesh. Even as the oil which she applied generously began to trickle down her belly, dribbling in little rivulets to her excited lips. Cooling the intense heat of her arousal in the most gorgeous fashion. She caressed and squeezed her breasts as Hazebaal’s moans became increasingly urgent and pleading. Her sweet savage voice like music to the wytch’s delirious ear, delighting her senses and enchanting her with its beguiling glamour.

And Hekataea gasped involuntarily as Azorah’s tongue now moved to Hazebaal’s stiffened member. Lapping at the now engorged daemon prick with long lingering strokes, kissing the tip as it thrilled and twitched with stimulation.

As the wytch’s hands now wandered to her belly, caressing and stroking, and lingering at her navel. Hekataea bit her lip hard in anticipation as her hands wandered inexorably downwards. But not yet. Soon, but not not too soon.

And as Azorah slipped her fingers inside her companion’s dripping sex, she continued to kiss Hazebaal’s excitement. Her lips closing more and more on the member with every kiss, drawing Hazebaal further and further inside the sumptuous and sinful paradise of her mouth. Her tongue still stroking and delighting the daemon, as she groaned and gasped in wanton delight at the gorgeous luxury of Azorah’s fingers blessing her cunt with deliciously probing pleasure.

Until Hazebaal’s body began to tense acutely as the daemon soothed her ever burning lust, arching her back and thrusting her hips nearer Azorah’s teasing lips. Her voluptuous form stressing and straining, frantic now for Azorah’s sweet kisses. Her groans and growls becoming increasingly louder and more pleading in tone, as her arousal began to ache urgently for gratification. The creature now desperate with stimulation and frantic hunger, as was the voyeuristic summoner wytch.

Hekataea’s hands now began to wander between her legs, caressing her thighs and straying ever nearer her inner thighs and her pulsing swelling hunger. Coming tantalisingly close to the tingling lips of her arousal, but retreating at the last instant. The wytch wanting to save herself, to be ready for when these creatures gave her the satisfaction she so urgently craved.

“Take me!” Hazebaal now suddenly moaned hungrily, her voice thick and broken with frantic pleading.

“Please….Azorah…?” she begged with vehement urgency.

And Azorah discreetly smiled that she had so easily reduced the elder daemon to pleading.

“Please….take me….in your mouth…!”


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