I have listened to the sound of your reflection several times, since I heard that something wonderful was going to happen soon. Oh, I have heard other sounds as well, but your reflection is the sound I favor most of all. I hold it near and hold it dear. I keep it close to my heart for it is precious to me.

And it helps to soothe the anticipation simmering away inside. It helps to turn the heat down when my excitement boils over from time to time.

I cannot wait for you. For the sound of your voice and the sound of my words in reply. But I must confess I am savoring the anticipation. It is delicious. It is luxurious. It is sumptuous and fresh to wait for you and think how wonderful it will be.

To hear the sound of your words in mine. Your tongue and your lips and your breath speaking life into my sweet dreams.

I have imagined your finger tips touching my exposed heart. Caressing my naked soul. And I have known want. Oh yes, I have known longing and I have ached and yearned for you.

But I have saved myself for the moment. I have preserved the anticipation. I have compelled myself to stillness and quieted the the heat within me.

So that when the moment comes I will be ready. Oh so very ready. And hungry. For you.


Thank you for reading