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The entity who had so startled Melisandre, was an extraordinarily beautiful but slightly odd looking young girl. Who emerged from her resting place at the edge of the tidal pool wherein she lurked and swum towards Mel, treading water with remarkable agility and grace. Her extraordinarily long silvery blonde hair streaming along behind her, fanning out like golden sea grass as she came to a rest at the edge of the pool. Her lips smiling warmly and her large, clear blue eyes speaking amity.

“Would you like to join me Melisandre?” The girl offered in a strangely lyrical and engaging tone.

“….um….how do you know my name…?” Mel offered, slightly unsettled at this unexpected familiarity.

“Alexandru.” The girl replied simply, with an enchanting smile now adorning her gorgeous Mediterranean features.


The reply put Mel a little more at her ease in the wake of her initial fright. She had not expected to find anyone else on the hidden beach, let alone someone who knew her name. It was more than a little unsettling, but she soon regained her balance.

“So….you knew my uncle…?”

“He was our friend.” The astonishingly beautiful girl replied, in a voice which now struck Melisandre, as fantastically melodic and almost eerily enchanting.

“He’d come and talk to us sometimes….visit with us….”

Eventually Mel realized with something of a start that the girl was completely and apparently quite unabashedly nude. Her lithe and powerful looking body evidently much accustomed to swimming, as evidenced by her muscular thighs and broad powerful shoulders.

“Um….us…?” Mel asked searching the beach for any others who might likewise have eluded her notice.

“My sisters, Seraphina and Ariana and I. My name’s Chloe.” The girl added, her engaging smile broadening with the introduction made.

And Melisandre mused that this Chloe was possessed of an easy and tremendously captivating charm. An inviting warmth which Melisandre found profoundly engaging and eminently beguiling. In particular there was that queer lyricism to her voice, a kind of musicality that Mel found wonderfully enchanting and curiously energizing.

The feeling was in fact quite overwhelming, and Mel found herself entirely disarmed by the stranger’s haunting charisma.

“Um….are your sisters here too…?” Melisandre eventually uttered, feeling a little awkward at the depth of her fascination.

“No, they’re both….elsewhere.” The stranger replied, her expression now registering something of amusement at Melisandre’s obvious floundering.

Which amusement Mel found herself beginning to share. It was just that this Chloe was so impossibly gorgeous, not only in personality but in her physical presence as well. And Mel found herself obliged to prevent herself from staring and to disguise the flush of fascination which had risen unbidden to her cheeks. Melisandre taking several deep breaths and looking around distractedly in her not unpleasant discomfiture.

At which obvious bashfulness the girl chuckled happily and sought to put Mel at her ease. Breaking the awkward silence which had fallen between them.

“There’s no one else around….it’s just you and me and the little fish, Melisandre.”

“Why don’t you join me…?” Chloe continued as she swum about in the pool.

“The water’s glorious” She added with a blissful sigh.

And feeling not a little awkward at the girl’s nudity, Mel averted her eyes again under the pretext of searching the area. While she vacillated between the conventions of social propriety and her profound fascination for this curious stranger. Torn as she was between the desires to jump in feet first, so to speak. And moderate her excitement at engaging with this potential adventure, her head pulling her in one direction but her heart in quite another.

Notions of the possibility of seaside intrigue and romance swimming gaily through her thoughts. Calling for her attention in beguiling siren tones until she eventually acquiesced to her hearts insistent prompting.


“….I’ll leave my things with yours, where are they?” Mel asked.

“Don’t have any things….” Chloe giggled unashamedly.

“….it’s just me in my skin.”

“Oh….um, okay…?” Melisandre replied, her persistent bashfulness very apparent. Much to Chloe’s continuing amusement.

“Well….what are you waiting for, Melisandre…? Come in and join me.”

Mel found Chloe’s joyous abandon remarkably infectious, and she soon discovered herself smiling brightly in response to the girl’s obvious pleasure. And she further discovered that her initial fright was now entirely banished by the sweet lyrical sound of Chloe’s enchanting voice. And her self-consciousness likewise melted quite away as she surrendered to this unexpected adventure.

And divesting herself of sandals sunglasses and hat, Melisandre lowered her body into the gorgeous water. Sighing deeply with bliss, as her body grew accustomed to the initial chill of the trapped ocean water.

And Chloe laughed in her delightful and bewitching way, in response to Mel’s obvious pleasure. And the two swum around one another, Chloe occasionally playfully splashing water at Mel.

“I told you the water was divine, didn’t I?”

“Yes” Mel laughed.

“I saw you moving in today. I heard the truck. Are you going to stay at Alexandru’s house now?”


“I can come and visit sometime if you want. Would you like me to come and visit, Melisandre?”


And Mel found herself laughing once again, this time at her apparent inability to communicate in anything other than monosyllables. Discovering that the queer girl’s curious charm and profound beauty, were proving rather stultifying as well as profoundly engaging.

“You laugh a lot Melisandre, I like that.”

“Mel….just call me Mel….”

“…and it’s you, Chloe. You make me feel like laughing….”

“….you’re so alive….so….”

“….I feel like I’m falling in….”

The overly affectionate confession had almost escaped Mel’s lips, before sense prevailed and she reined in her emotions. Seeking to disguise the lapse in social propriety by adding.

“….and the water’s gorgeous.”

“You’re funny.” Chloe chuckled as she regarded Mel and played in the tidal pool. A bright smile adorning her lips, and amused fascination dancing in the depth and brightness of her stunning aqua blue eyes.

And Mel found that she was quite astonished and disarmed at the depth of her reaction to the girl. She found herself feeling strangely weightless, with a sense of contentment and of freedom and optimism washing through her. A feeling of hope for brighter things to come which seemed to flood through her soul, immersing her mind in comfort and serenity.

Moving to Wakes Peak cottage and leaving the pain of the past behind her had a lot to do with it of course. But there was something strangely beguiling about Chloe, meeting her seemed to set Mel’s heart free. Unburdening her soul of the grief she had carried for so long, and banishing her sorrows entirely.

There was something so very infectious about the queer girl, something almost magical in character. Although Melisandre found herself cringing a little self-consciously, at the vivid and profound nature of her reaction to Chloe.

But there was just such a remarkably contagious sense of freedom and abandon about the girl, a spirit of adventurous joy. And she was just so heart achingly beautiful. The simple and natural allure of her naked body, the long and lustrous bright blonde hair that trailed behind her as she moved through the water. Constantly following her like a bright white golden halo.

Her smile was so very enchanting and her eyes so bewitching, so filled with such depth and mystery. But at the same time they appeared in some way wild, inexplicably feral and in some curios sense untamed.

Indeed this Chloe was captivating after a fashion which Mel could only think to describe as ethereal. Almost supernatural in aspect and expression.

But Melisandre began to register that there was an even more curious dimension to Chloe’s beauty as well. Some aspects of her features which were somehow other or perhaps a little alien. Somehow obscure of origin. Somehow almost inhuman.

Melisandre was acutely aware of the queerness of her assessment of the girl’s features, but the impression persisted nonetheless. She felt as though she were as much in the presence of a wild creature as a fellow human being. And for as much as her logical mind shied away from the odd impression. There was something about the ever so slight sloping recession of Chloe’s forehead and chin. Something about the prominence of her eyes and the preternatural largeness of her pupils that was just so very odd.

And although Mel recoiled at the thought, there was as much about Chloe which was inexplicably Delphine or cetacean as much as hominoid. But these were all mere phantoms of impressions, fleeting in nature and easily dismissed.

“I like it here….” Mel sighed joyously, her observations entirely obscured by Chloe’s magical presence. Her astonishing impressions of the girl, held in abeyance by those more accessible and engaging aspects of her presence.

“I like it here too….with you….” Chloe replied softly with a hint of seduction apparent in her tone.

And as the two dwelt together, Mel discovered that arousal was rapidly rising in her heart. Setting her pulse racing, and her chest beginning to ache with excitement and desire. She looked into Chloe’s preternaturally large and stunning eyes, occasionally flicking water back at her as both smiled and laughed happily.

It was Chloe’s lips, they were the hook that snagged Melisandre so inescapably. They were so full and smiling with suggestion, and Mel found herself hoping invitation as well. Those gorgeous lips seemed to whisper of secrets and mysteries although Chloe said little. And Melisandre’s heart raced and fluttered as she though how very kissable those gorgeous lips were.

How Melisandre ached to seize the moment and throw caution to the wind. To swim to the girl and hold her close. To gaze deeply into those wonderfully eerie aqua blue eyes, and kiss those gorgeous smiling lips.


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