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And Hazebaal cried out loudly and began to gasp again and again, snarling and hissing with desperate and guttural purring urgency. As Azorah at last embraced the daemon completely in the gorgeous and perverse paradise of her slick sinful mouth. The younger daemon setting to work in pleasing the elder with such enthusiastic fervency, that Hazebaal was shocked at the entities ferocious erotic fluency.

Indeed the skill of the daemon Azorah’s mouth, lips and tongue was breathtaking. And the sinful skill of her wicked fingers simply astounding, such that Hazebaal’s very bones seemed to ache with dire sexual yearning. The maddening heat of her deliciously provoked lust, threatening to consume her whole and incinerate her very being. Such was the outrageously heightened intensity of succubi eroticism.

And the daemon Hazebaal’s chest began heaving and straining convulsively, her breasts now sorely swollen with arousal and her nipples aching and prominent with throbbing stimulation. Her purring and gasping becoming increasingly bestial, as her head lolled back and she cried out in ever more fervent ecstasy.

Azorah’s mouth was so gorgeously hot and wet, and her fingers slipping in and out of her cunt as she suckled at her prick so deliciously, was intolerably delightful to the daemon. As Azorah’s forked tongue continued working and lapping at her still, with a delicious urgency diabolic and excruciating in articulacy.

Hazebaal’s member stiffening more and more before the delicious attention of Azorah’s blasphemous mouth and busy fingers, becoming as rigid now as the limb of an oak.

Indeed more painfully erect and stiffened than she had been since she herself, was a freshly incarnated daemon slut. Newly filled to the brim with burning and insatiable lust, just as Azorah was now in her youth. Indeed the periphery of Hazebaal’s vision began to dim and darken, as the salacious little slut damn near sucked the living essence from her. Azorah blinding Hazebaal with her consummate skill in extracting the direst of wicked pleasure.

And in her desperation Hazebaal thrust her hips upwards again and again, her member seeking deeper entry past those magickal hexen lips. And desperately pursuing yet more of the lavish strokes and pitiless lashes of the daemon’s tongue.

The rigidity of Azorah’s elongated fangs working either side of her rod, combined with the frantic licking of her tongue and the glory of her plush lips, rapidly provoking Hazebaal inexorably and expertly nearer eruption.

How Hazebaal had longed to couple with the newly incarnated Azorah, the fresh young daemon was so full of vigour and enthusiasm. Oh yes. The elder daemon Hazebaal had been aware of the freshly manifested Azorah for some time. And she had wanted her before this moment, even thinking of her lustfully and covetously while voraciously consuming others.

“Take….me….deeper….!” Hazebaal moaned urgently in fitful gasps.


And Azorah was known to seek out the attention of elder succubi, to learn from them their secrets of enchantment and satisfaction. To extract by seduction and temptation, all those methods and artful ways of attaining maximum pleasure. For the greater the pleasure extracted the more succulent and ripe the soul consumed. And Azorah was renowned to be a very greedy daemon, with a particularly avaricious tooth for sweet mortal souls.

Indeed the daemon had caught Hazebaal’s eye from the moment she was first made manifest, she was so uniquely nubile and so exquisitely ripe for the plucking. Hazebaal had in fact never seen her equal before and had lusted for the toothsome slut, ever since she had first beheld her sinful form. And sensed the delicious pungent potency of her succulent daemonic glamour.

Indeed there were few amongst daemon kind who did not look upon this creature and lust to know her flesh. And her reputation for her artful skills in gratification was fast becoming legend, for it was said that she possessed the ability to quench even the lustful aching which was the curse of the succubi. And even if it was only for a short time, even the briefest relief from eternal yearning was as a paradise to the damned.

And the rapidity with which she won the hearts of lesser succubi and imps, and bent them to her will was impressive and known to all the elder daemon succubi. Marking Azorah as a harlot or unique talents and destined for great things, And Hazebaal had longed to demonstrate and exchange talents with Azorah, she had hungered for the daemon as she had not hungered in aeons.

Indeed Hazebaal had become increasingly fascinated and distracted by the creatures unique wiles. And keen to know if the gratification Azorah the spoken of could confer, was all that it was rumoured to be.

But it appeared she was too late to offer any tutelage, for Azorah was as adept and artful in her methods of carnal stimulation as any daemon might hope to be. Indeed there was nothing Hazebaal could teach Azorah, for her methods were already supremely practiced and wickedly effective.

Her slatternly glamour, the seductive aura with which she entranced and beguiled, was so deliciously sweet and innocent in character. So gorgeously duplicitous and deceitful and so very, very effective. And Hazebaal had always suspected that it would combine perfectly with her own more sultry and explicit powers of enchantment. And in this she was proven correct far beyond her hopeful imaginings, for their combined magick was more delicious to Hazebaal’s senses, than any carnal pleasure she had ever known.

But for as entrancing as her supernatural wiles were, her physical attributes and abilities were even more bewitching. Azorah’s lips were so full and so exquisitely sumptuous, and her wicked little mouth so spellbinding. So generous and passionate with their lavish kisses. And her tongue was so agile and energetic in its lapping and stroking. And her fingers so skilful and crafty as they delved deep inside her, tickling and tormenting as they drove Hazebaal closer and closer to explosive bliss.

Waves of glorious pleasure flooding Hazebaal’s entire daemonic being, as she neared the apex of Azorah’s supreme stimulation. Indeed the elder daemon succubus had not felt this wonderfully delighted and desperate for gratification, for as long a she could remember. For the daemon Azorah was awakening her as she had never, in all her blasphemous existence experienced before. And never ever had she felt compelled to plead for satisfaction, as Azorah was thus compelling her beg for her kisses.

And Hazebaal watched in wonder, her eyes glazed and her vision swimming and distorted with hedonic ecstasy. As Azorah’s lips worked their dire and delightful magick upon her excruciatingly engorged and pulsing limb. So near to fulfilment was Hazebaal now that her howls and groans of pleasure, gave way to frantic and vehement animal roars of agonized euphoria.

Hazebaal’s back arched, and her hips tensed until she felt her bones would break, as Azorah extracted the bliss from her. And Hazebaal looked deep into Azorah’s eyes as she pleasured her, and what she saw there, brought her to even greater heights of blissful excitation. For what Hazebaal discovered in Azorah’s expression, was genuine desire and sincere cupidity.

Azorah was genuinely hungry for her, her eyes burned with unaffected animal desire and avidity. Hazebaal saw that this was so much more than the mere instinctual seduction to Azorah. The young daemon truly wanted this, she sincerely wanted for Hazebaal.

She cared nothing for the defeat and consumption of the slut wytch Hekataea’s soul, this moment represented her own lustful satisfaction. And the daemon found that she was powerless before Azorah’s sweet savage seduction, as her orgasm began to near the brink of eruption.

And then at last Azorah’s gorgeous mouth and devilish fingers brought Hazebaal to quivering, gasping, shrieking ecstasy. And Hazebaal’s entire being exploded with delight, her flower contracting and gripping Azorah’s fingers. As Hazebaal’s lover’s limb twitched and jerked convulsively as her seedless issue jetted forth, filling Azorah’s gulping throat with its scalding heat.

Until Hazebaal fell trembling and convulsing to the floor, even as Azorah’s lips and tongue lingered lovingly at her still pulsating and trembling rigidity. Licking the quivering member as it jerked and throbbed with uncontrollable and rampant bliss. And with that gorgeous release, Hazebaal indeed knew a moment or two of relief from the ever burning torment of her ceaseless daemonic lust.

And it was a experience more joyous and exquisite than any pleasure she had felt in all of her existence. The arch slut Azorah did indeed possess the skill to slake the ever burning bonfire of daemonic lust. And it was to Hazebaal an experience of blinding blazing revelation to know that relief. For she had never in all her long incarnation known it before.

And Hazebaal found that as soon as she knew that bliss, she was immediately insatiably greedy for it. She wanted more and more forever and for always. She wanted this daemon whore Azorah even unto the end of all eternity. And she wanted her jealously, kept always for her and her alone.

Indeed in that moment, Hazebaal knew an emotion of such profound intensity. That if not for the scorched and ashen bareness of her wicked heart, might well be mistaken even for love.

Daemonic and twisted by jealousy in character, perverted and covetous in nature without doubt. But real and alive and entirely aflame nonetheless.


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