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Hekataea could take no more of the excruciating stimulation which now racked her entire being with infernal lust. And at last she surrendered to her carnal needs, her mind and body now so inundated with aching want that she could do no other than relent. The spectacle of the succubus Azorah tearing the orgasm from the bucking, wildly writhing daemonic form of Hazebaal, near blinding the wytch in its chthonian and monstrous glory.

The sexually enlivening and magickally analeptic potion she had consumed, now working its influence to great effect. Rendering the wytch Hekataea stimulated and invigorated to such heights that she wondered if perhaps she had taken a little too much. Or perhaps mixed the concoction to slightly excessive potency. Although it was but a fleeting thought which Hekataea soon forgot, lost as she was in her abyss of carnal ecstasy.

And the wytch’s greedy fingers at last began to tease and caress her engorged lips, though shying from her heinously enlivened clitoris yet. But soothing and indulging her rampant arousal most delightfully, as she watched the daemons perform for her. Even as her free hand kneaded her swollen tender breasts, her fingers pinching and tugging at her severely stimulated and agonizingly stiffened nipples. Her flesh thrilling with dizzying hedonic exhilaration and her pulsing sex and bosom throbbing with excitation.

How the succubus Hazebaal did shriek and roar as a fury, as Azorah relentlessly and pitilessly drove her deeper and deeper into riotous orgasmic rapture. The deliciously nubile and wicked slut, still licking and lapping with her forked tongue at the elder daemons jerking and throbbing member. Hazebaal’s vivid rufescent issue dribbling from Azorah’s salaciously grinning lips and trickling down her chin and throat even as she did so.

And indeed Azorah seemed incited to even greater orgiastic enthusiasm, thrusting her fingers relentlessly in and out of Hazebaal’s convulsing cunt. As though the elder daemon’s scalding hot release was as a narcotic aphrodisiac to the sexually remorseless slattern.

Azorah bullying and harrying the elder entity to ever greater extremity, even though she was the more delicate and less robust of the two bay far. And Hazebaal might easily subdue the physically lesser creature, and wrest herself from Azorah’s torments with ease.

But Hazebaal seemed somehow now in thrall to Azorah’s lewd torments, as though it was the lesser daemon who had in some fashion overpowered her. Perhaps via some means of seduction or enchantment, rather than by base physical prowess. Which fact made the spectacle of Azorah’s merciless fucking of the greater daemon, all the more outrageously succulent to Hekataea’s puerile eye.

And how Hazebaal did convulse and squirm contortedly, striving and straining in upheaval at Azorah’s hellish torments. Indeed she seemed torn between the desire to wrest her aching rod and throbbing cunt from the arch slut’s mouth and fingers, and pushing herself even deeper into that infernal and unholy pleasure.

Until at last Azorah relented into wickedly giggling moderation. At length abating in her enthused licking and fingering as Hazebaal clawed at the oaken floor, her copiously perspiring body relenting in its writhing as her howling subsided. Though her spine was still arched acutely and her brow yet furrowed in dire consternation. Terrorizing orgasmic shockwaves still buffeting her trembling, bliss racked form still.

And as Hazebaal at last fell to desperate moaning and gasping with the intense joy of climax at length abating. Azorah fell wantonly upon the elder succubus, her sex fairly dripping with want and her own rod very evidently much excited and rampant.

Indeed it delighted the young daemon beyond description to take the elder daemons. To invigorate and awaken their ancient and jaded carnal lusts and make them to break with her mouth. Most especially those as antique and as storied as Hazebaal of the starving maw and rampant horn, as the elder succubus was known by conferred title.

To make them remember what it was to lust wholeheartedly for another, with all the evil urgency and furious passion of their youth. To dominate their senses and to make them scream and writhe. To remind them what it was to be a succubus. What it was to be a lust daemon and greedy gobbler of souls.

For Azorah was a daemon driven by wanton and reckless ambition. Indeed it was her burning heart’s desire that she would be as a legend amongst her kind. She would overwhelm them all with the power and intensity of her obscene and lecherous magicks. She meant to win the daemonic hearts and wicked minds of the elders, she was bent upon dominating and breaking them one by one.

They would adore her, they would revere her and they would lust as never before to lay with her again and again. For Azorah in her covetous and determined passion would have them all submit and serve her will.

Azorah was determined in her supremely lustful ambition, to become as a god queen among succubi. A living legend throughout all the daemonic realms. And she would achieve this by seducing the most powerful and influential first. And Hazebaal was first on her list, for her wanton excesses were legendary even amongst daemon kind.

Indeed it was said that Hazebaal had seduced entire realms, during her many manifestations upon the mortal realm. That she had beguiled her way into royal bedchambers, and fucked her way through entire imperial palaces. Seducing courtesans and chambermaids, princesses and queens alike. Reducing worldly dynasties and entire earthly kingdoms to smouldering and ruined ash. Simply via agency of her supremely evil wiles and remorseless infernal lust for the greedy consumption of innocent souls.

In her glory days, Hazebaal had seized control of the puppet strings of entire nations. Wreaking daemonic ruin upon countless mortal beings, before returning triumphant to the daemonic realm once more. And Azorah was determined to enjoy her, determined to savour beguiling and seducing the elder daemons mind, and enslaving her diabolic heart.

And now she would take the supreme daemon inside of her. With her sex she would win dominion over Hazebaal. Her magick would enslave her body, ensnare her mind and dominate her lust and her love alike. She would belong entirely to Azorah, of this there would be no question. Azorah wanted the elder succubus and meant to take her completely, and the young daemon simply would not be denied.


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