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Cate waited patiently as Kim’s mind scrambled to process the startling reality of her unconventional physiology. Preparing herself for the shock of rejection and even the agony of horrified revulsion.

But hoping with all her heart that Kim would still want her, that she would still be attracted to her. But for who she truly was, not exactly comprehensively female but certainly not male. A true hermaphrodite in fact. Or rather, an intersexual girl as Cate preferred to think of herself.

And a lump began forming in Cate’s throat as the excruciating seconds ticked by. And her stomach worked itself into knots as she began to fear the worst, that Kim would be repelled or even disgusted at her discovery.

And Cate fought to keep tears from forming in her eyes, as she prayed that Kim could accept the woman she was. And not recoil in horror upon discovering that she was not the woman Kim had thought she was.

And although she was ready for the possibility that Kim would react badly, her wishes were buoyed when Kim’s hand remained exactly where it was.

“Cate….” Kim muttered in confusion.

“….I thought you were….I mean are you….?”

“Yes….” Cate whispered gently with a reassuring smile “….it’s okay Kim, I’m a woman.”

“….but you…you have a…?” Kim uttered.


“But I’m not exactly like other women, I’m….just a little bit different, I’m an intersex woman” Cate patiently explained while swallowing her worst fears. Giving Kim enough breathing space to absorb her discovery.

“Cate….I….intersex…?” Kim dithered as her mind rallied to process the startling information “….you mean like….intersex…?”


“Yes….are you okay Kim?” Cate ventured tentatively in a reassuring tone. “Do you understand? Do you know what the word means?”

“….yes…?” Kim uttered distractedly” I mean, I’ve read about it….I know the difference between transgender and intersexuality and so forth….and I know there’s other kinds of people as well. I’m okay, I get it.”

“Are you sure?” Cate ventured further.

“….um….yes….yes I am….” Kim replied, her tone now becoming decisive. As confusion now began to vacate her eyes, replaced once more by the wonder which had dwelt there previously.

“….I mean, I’m….surprised….?”

And Cate’s eyes glazed a little, simply with the emotional intensity of the moment. She knew from bitter and heartbreaking experience that people could react to her truth in many different ways. Anywhere from absolute horror to confusion, or even anger and disgust. And sometimes even naked hostility and violence.

But worst of all sympathy or pity, as though her irregular physiology represented some kind of unfortunate affliction. Like some form of gross malformation or pitiable disability, which it most assuredly was not.

But so far Kim was taking it like a champ, she was neither recoiling nor offering false or affected empathy. And Cate allowed hope to flood her heart, as Kim’s hand began tentatively to explore in momentarily unabashed curiosity.

“I’m still the girl you were staring at, the one that tickled your fancy….”


“….the one that had you playing with yourself under your desk.”

At this however Kim did recoil. And with some vehemence. Hastily snatching her hands away from Cate and retreating to lean against the kitchen counter as she buried her blushing face in her sweaty palms.

“Oh my god….” She eventually quavered in a distressed tone.

“….Cate, I’m so sorry….I….”

Kim’s acute embarrassment and obvious shame at having indulged her erotic excitement prompted amused empathy from Cate. And the fact that this rather than the reality of her intersexuality was paramount in her thoughts, lent hope to Cate’s heart that maybe Kim could accept her for who she was.

“Hey….” Cate laughed reassuringly “….Kim, it’s okay.”

“….oh goodness” Kim groaned with the horrifying torment of discovery “Cate….I’m so sorry….I don’t know what came over me….oh golly, you must think I’m some kind of creep.”

“Kim….take it easy….”

“….do you think I’m upset that you liked me? That you were that attracted to me, that you wanted me that badly…?”



Kim peeked from behind the defensive rampart of her hands, as she continued to hide her vibrant blush of embarrassment.

“I feel like such a creep.…” She cried plaintively in desperation.

And for a moment Cate considered coming clean with Kim about the circumstances of their meeting. That if anyone had been behaving a little creepily, it was her. Falling deeply intrigued with some total stranger on the street, following them to their place of work.

And even worse than that, following them into their office and pretending that they worked there too. It was just that there was something about Kim, something so inexplicably special. The moment she laid eyes on her, pow. Cupid’s arrow, straight to the heart.

Cate certainly did not make a habit of stalking complete strangers, but her fascination had been so uniquely powerful. One thing had led to another and before she knew it, she found herself following Kim to work and setting up her laptop at an empty desk. Wondering how the hell a momentary attraction could have led to this.

But perhaps now wasn’t the time to go into it. She had after all rather challenged Kim, hit her with some fairly weighty revelations. Better to make this moment about helping her find her way forwards, they could deal with the whole subterfuge thing later.

And besides, there were other issues to be dealt with too. The fundamental fact that Cate was an honest to goodness real life witch, with astonishing supernatural abilities and magic powers for instance. The whole stalker thing could maybe take a back seat for a while.

“It’s not creepy” Kim eventually smiled brightly before adding in a friendly tone, her smile speaking reassurance and comfort.

“Well….yeah, okay. I guess it is a little….but….”

“….I thought it was actually kind of sweet….”

“Really…?” Kim pleaded.

“….and kind of sexy” Cate added, removing Kim’s hands from their defensive position before her face and holding them tight, giving a reassuring squeeze.

“You mean you’re not freaked out….?”

“No” Cate laughed “are you?”

“Yes….a little….and no.”

“Well, alright then….” Cate grinned seductively before continuing “And what about me….you know. My thing. The way I am….the kind of girl I am.”

“Um….what about bout it?” Kim eventually ventured.

“Well….are you okay? I mean, it can weird people out a bit. I’m not exactly the kind of person you meet every day. Do you still….you know. Like me….are you still attracted to me…?”

And Kim carefully examined her feelings on the subject, wishing to speak truthfully. But the simple fact of the matter was, she was completely fine with who Cate was. Somehow it just wasn’t a thing for her at all.

And she considered that the shock of her indiscretion and its subsequent discovery, were perhaps crowding out the reality of Cates gender a little. But the fact remained, she wasn’t in the least bit troubled by Cate’s anomalous anatomy. In fact, if anything. Kim discovered that she was more than a little intrigued.

And although she was willing to concede that perhaps there was something maybe a little fetishistic about her emotional and intellectual response. The fact of the matter was, although it was Cate the woman she had discovered herself attracted to in the first instance, it was Cate the intersexual woman who she was attracted to still. Just as she was, regardless of the features which rendered her now perhaps a little exotic. Regardless of her gender.

And eventually concluding that she was completely at ease with who Cate was. And that she was every bit as excited and intrigued by her as she had been before, Kim eventually answered with a nervous giggle.

“Hell yes.”

“Okay then….” Cate happily continued, relief and delight flooding her senses as she cautiously placed her hands on Kim’s hips. Aware that her naturally bewitching glamour was rather affecting the mortal girl’s perceptions and feeling appropriately guilty about it. But aware also that there was something similarly unique about Kim which was affecting her just as much.

Even if Kim, whoever or whatever she was. Was aware of it herself or not, though Cate sensed Kim had no idea that she was other. That she was anything more that an ordinary mundane mortal girl.

“….where were we?”

And with this, Cate moved closer to Kim until they were eye to eye. Their lips mere inches apart as she whispered seductively.

“Would you like me to kiss you again?”

And taking a deep breath, even as her heart swelled in her chest and her belly began fluttering with butterflies in her exhilaration. Kim found herself surrendering to the beguiling magic of the moment, her fascination for Cate vanquishing her trepidation. She answered in a tone breathless and a little hoarse with desire.

“Um….yes please….”

And the beguiling new girl’s lips were upon Kim’s once again. And she found her nervous anxiety and embarrassment melting away entirely, before the magic of Cate’s kiss. And for as startling as the whole affair thus far had been, Kim found that she was hopelessly fascinated with this magical girl.

And whatever mystifying power of attraction was at work between them, Kim Lee was sure of one thing if nothing else. She wanted more, please for goodness sake more.


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