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By the time Mel completed the ascent back up the steep path and arrived home to Wake’s Peak cottage she was exhausted. And feeling strangely spacey and a little out of sorts as well. Slightly lost and discombobulated as though she had drifted off a little. But it had been a long and eventful day and a rather surprising and puzzling one as well.

The haunting presence of Chloe still inhabited Melisandre’s mind. The queer girls bewitching lyrical voice still lingering in her consciousness. And the image of her hauntingly gorgeous yet puzzlingly odd features still swimming in her thoughts.

Her sumptuously naked form treading water in the secluded little tidal pool still forefront in Melisandre’s imagination. Right alongside the indelible image of her gorgeous, ever so kissable smiling lips whispering of mysteries untold.

Although Melisandre had the persistent impression that the whole encounter might well have been a daydream. Perhaps she had merely fallen asleep on the sand in the afternoon sunshine and dreamt the whole thing. Except that the curiously wrought and astonishingly beautiful ring on her finger told a different story.

But practical needs eventually drew Mel back to mundane reality once again and away from her lingering thoughts of fantasy seaside romance.

She was starving and she definitely didn’t feel like cooking. Besides which she had hardly any food in the house anyway. So deciding to defer her shower until she had some food in her belly, Melisandre pulled on a skirt over her bathing suit and stepped into her sandals.

And hopping into her cherry red Mustang she headed into town, spinning her wheels in the gravel and driving too fast for her own good. As was her wont. Melisandre’s estimation being that she had to let her hair down every once in a while. And she did so love to let her Mustang stretch its legs from time to time.

Eventually she found a decent looking little take away restaurant called Cherry Blossom.  And Melisandre treated herself to Singapore noodles and dumplings, won ton soup and beer.

She was usually a red wine kind of a girl, but tonight she felt like ice cold beer, for as bloaty and as it tended to leave her feeling. Mel concluding that it must have been the salty seaside air, making her thirsty in such a fashion that a brew or a few sounded good.

And so she sat reading an old copy of some fashion magazine or other, while she patiently waited for her food. Her mind blissfully unfocussed and untroubled, calmed by the magic and mystery of the ocean. And also by the thought of her future looking as bright as it did. And the possibility of adventures to come, some of them maybe romantic in nature.

Eventually she looked up from her magazine, to find the familiar face of Blaire Perry, the lawyer who had handled Alexandru’s estate smiling at her. And Mel’s heart sank just a little as she realized that Blaire had company, and that she looked like she was dressed for a date. But she smiled back just the same, even as she subconsciously struck a line through the woman’s name as a possible romantic involvement.

Although she still felt a wonderful sense of opportunity and adventure nonetheless. Between the magical and hauntingly beguiling Chloe, and now Blaire in all her robust womanly beauty. And looking pretty damn cute all sexied up for her date. Whaler’s Rest had turned out quite the welcoming committee.

And Melisandre momentarily felt quite full of herself. The romantically charged chemistry she had experienced with Chloe, and the attraction between her and Blaire, inspiring her to feel desirable and wanted.

Even if Blaire Perry did appear to be somewhat of an opportunity lost. Nonetheless it had been such a very long time since she had felt that way, and it was wonderfully exciting to feel so again.

Mel returned to her article, putting these thoughts from her mind as she continued to wait for her meal. When before she knew it Blaire had helped herself to the seat next to her, taking her hand and looking to her with an expression of pained desperation.

“Mel. Rescue me.”

“Um…hi Blaire…?”

“Oh yeah, Hi….but seriously, help me….please.” Blaire groaned comedically.

“Okay….” Mel chuckled “what’s up?”

“It’s my date, she’s so boring. Oh my god.” Blaire rolled her eyes somewhat theatrically.

“Okay….?” Melisandre chuckled at the lawyer’s apparent distress.

“I met her on that dating site, you know….the pink room…?”

“Oh god” Mel groaned with painful familiarity “yes. I know it.”

“She sounded like fun on her profile, and we got along just fine on chat. But she’s so deadly dull. She hardly talks at all. And when she does it’s just to complain about stuff.”

“Oh, right. That type.”

“I swear, she’s angry about everything….all she does is whine….I think she imagines she’s being politically aware and concerned, but it’s all just meaningless bitching.”

“Right.” Mel chuckled again “So what do you want me to do about it? It’s your train wreck, Blaire.”

Blaire produced her mobile and began tapping away.

“Okay, look. I’m sending you my private number, can you call me….?”

“You don’t have to say anything, just call me. I’ll say there’s been an emergency or something, and that I have to go.”

“Oh?” Mel chuckled again “You want me to deceive that poor sweet innocent girl…?”

“Oh god, Melisandre. Don’t torture me.”

“…who kindly agreed to go out on a date with you…?”

“Mel, please?”

“….in good faith….?”

“Pretty please…?” Blaire begged.

“Didn’t you line up a ‘get me the hell out of here’ call before, with a friend or something?”

“No….” Blaire pleaded with a pained expression.

“I never do….I’ve always hated the idea, it always seemed too calculating.”

“Too calculating? But you’re a lawyer.” Mel laughed at Blaire’s plight.

“I know….” Blaire groaned pitiably.

“….but I’m not a bitch. Please Mel. Please, please please…?”

“Okay.” Mel smiled.

“But you owe me a drink for this, Blaire.”

“Cool….” Blaire declared with a combination of enthusiasm and relief, before hopefully adding.

“….how about tonight? I’m already dressed up…?”

“No, not tonight. I’m exhausted….”

“….I moved in to Wakes Peak cottage today…?”


“Oh, shit. Right….well, welcome home….um….everything go okay….”

“Yeah, fine. Look, just go back to your table. I’ll call you and you can bullshit yourself out of trouble, okay?”

“Oh my god. Thank you, Mel. I owe you big time for this.”

“You sure do.” Mel smiled brightly.

Blaire sighed with relief as she got up from her seat, but just as she was about to return to her ill-fated date, Melisandre added in a tone laced with mock innocence.

“Oh….but one thing, Blaire…?”


“Why is my number in your private phone, as well as your business phone?”



“….reasons…?” Blaire replied pitifully.

“Right….reasons….” Mel replied drolly, rather enjoying Blaire’s comic discomfort.

“You are a real lawyer, aren’t you? You did actually go to law school and stuff, didn’t you Blaire?”

And Blaire Perry merely rolled her eyes in response as she returned to her miserable date, To wait for Mel to play her part in their subterfuge. Which Mel eventually did, when her food was ready. And when she felt she had teased and tormented Blaire Perry quite enough. Dialling the lawyer’s number as she stepped out into the street and waiting for her to pick up.

“Oh good evening, Ms Perry. It’s your guardian angel….” Mel chuckled as she listened to Blaire begin to work her deception.


“….yes, that’s right, you are a deceitful minx. Aren’t you…..”


“….so, are you ready to lie your tits off to that poor sweet girl…?”


“….oh Ms Perry, that’s some first class bullshit….” Melisandre giggled wickedly as she listened in.


“We’ll make a lawyer out of you yet….”


And Melisandre listened to Blaire complete lying her way to liberation from her miserable date, as she carried her takeout to the Mustang. Trying her best to contain her laughter as she audibly witnessed Blaire’s plight until the ridiculous girl finally hung up.

And with an amused grin lingering at Melisandre’s lips all the way home, she speculated that torturing Blaire was fun. And that she would very much like to do it again some time.

And speculating also that Blaire was delightfully inept and transparent in her deceptions. Which fact which counted somewhat in her favour as far as Mel’s interest in her was concerned.


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