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Laying out the gastronomic spoils of her trip into town along with her lap top on the coffee table. Melisandre settled in for the night feeling far too tired and floppy just yet to bother with a shower. Contenting herself to merely wriggle out of her bathing suit and snuggle into her comfy bathrobe and hello kitty slippers.

Settling down to satisfy her hunger and her thirst, though resolving to deal with the beach sand which still lingered here and there. But only when her more immediate needs were satisfied.

And finding some old black and white romance to watch and putting her feet up to enjoy her food, Melisandre settled down comfortably. Still chuckling to herself and glowing a little after her participation in Blaire Perry’s deceitful subterfuge. Somewhat surprised that her amusement was lingering so long. And wondering if perhaps her attraction to her lawyer ran a little deeper than she had realized.

She toyed with the idea of calling Blaire to make sure she had escaped in one piece. But eventually put her phone aside, deciding that there were other places she wanted her mind to be.

Whatever was developing between her and Blair, if anything at all. It could wait until she was good and ready, there was plenty of time for adventures now. Melisandre Chambers was very happily foot loose and very much fancy free. And content to move at her own pace.

She happily ate her food and sipped her beer, only half paying attention to the grainy yesteryear romance playing out on her computer. Memories of spending time in Chloe’s company now beginning to haunt her imagination.

Images of the gorgeously queer girl’s haunting smile and beguiling lyrical voice, displacing thoughts of the comically inept Ms Perry completely. Impressions of Chloe’s naked form treading water in the tidal pool where they had played beginning to inundate Melisandre’s thoughts.

Even though they had parted well over an hour ago, the girls bewitching charm still occupied her imagination significantly. And Melisandre still felt the thrill of excitement that Chloe had inspired in her heart, and the delightful erotic agitation she had aroused in her mind.

The strange girl had made a profound impression upon her, and butterflies of infatuated excitement began to flutter gaily in Melisandre’s belly. The image of the Chloe lingering persistently at the periphery of her thoughts until Mel found herself quite preoccupied.

Although there was still the odd impression that the entire encounter had been somewhat dreamy in character. The curious lingering suspicion that the entire thing had been her imagination at work. Her mind idly conjuring fantasies of magical seaside romance.

But endeavoring to put her increasingly obsessive speculations from her thoughts, Mel focused on her film as best she could. Making a mental note that the Cherry Blossom take away restaurant was more than acceptable, as she happily demolished her meal and enjoyed her beer.

Until with her meal now complete, and feeling lighter and happier than she had felt in years. Mel’s mind wandered freely as she relaxed, watching the movie and sipping her drink. Her fingers idly toying with the rather curiously wrought but wonderfully beautiful ring Chloe had given her.

She inspected the marvellous thing from time to time, wondering at its provenance. It was of the most singular design for which Melisandre could think of no obvious cultural parallel.

The curious delicacy and intricacy of the ring was every bit as intriguing and puzzling, as the wonderful girl that had presented her the unique treasure.

It seemed strangely heavy for its size, so it was obviously real gold. But it caught the light in a very curious manner and its surface was oddly refractive. More like diamond than gold in that respect.

The design was vaguely Polynesian, maybe Tongan or Samoan, possibly Maori. But it also looked kind of Mediterranean or even ancient Celtic. Somehow the design reflected all these influences, almost as if it came from some ancestor culture from which all these influences had commonly evolved.

The detail consisted of impossibly complex interweaving spirals. Reminiscent of kelp or tree branches, or maybe some kind of stylized wave pattern. The intricacy of which was incredibly delicate and fascinating and of exquisitely fine artistry.

The complexity of the design was almost hypnotic Melisandre mused. As the pattern seemed almost to writhe and flow before her eyes emulating the ebb and flow of the ocean. The illusion was obviously some curious feature of its serpentine design and odd refractivity of the material no doubt. It was quite unlike anything Melisandre had seen before.

But for as fascinating as the strange girl’s gift was, Melisandre’s thoughts were more acutely fixed on Chloe herself.

The encounter on the beach had been so very peculiar. And in hindsight Melisandre now began to seriously wonder if she had in fact imagined the entire affair. The pervasive fantasy seaside romance feel to the experience, made the chance meeting feel increasingly like some indulgent invention. Like some trashy pulp romance fantasy far too fanciful to be true.

Yet there on her finger was tangible evidence that it had been real. That Chloe was real. She can’t have made the whole thing up. Unless of course she had simply found the ring somewhere herself.

But Melisandre had carried more than the ring away with her, from her encounter with the mysterious Chloe. She took with her a hunger also. A desire so intense that her heart began to quicken even now as she thought about Chloe.

She hadn’t felt like this for a very long time, not since she was a kid experiencing love for the first time. But even then she had not felt this level of avid craving. This profundity of fascination and raw erotic want to which Melisandre was allowing herself to admit.

This strange girl named Chloe had infiltrated her heart and her thoughts so comletely. She had crept into her mind and seeped into her soul. And inspired a level of fascination which was wandering perilously close to infatuation.

She must live nearby, she didn’t have any clothes or even a bathing suit as far as Mel had been able to make out. You can’t go too far naked, so maybe she lived within swimming distance of the secluded little cove.

It was puzzling. Mel understood that Wakes Peak was the only place nearby that wasn’t given to constant erosion. And the cliffs all around were sheer as far as she knew. There must be a spot similar to hers nearby somewhere out of view from Wakes Peak, where Chloe and her sisters lived.

But the troubling thought persisted that something about the scenario just didn’t add up. People don’t just walk out the front door stark naked, dive into the ocean and go swimming off without any belongings. No matter how close by Chloe lived it all seemed a little farfetched.

But inexorably Mel’s thoughts returned to Chloe herself once again. And to the persistent amorous hunger she had kindled deep within her. And Melisandre distractedly alternated between drinking beer and fidgeting with her ring as she attempted to focus on the movie. To keep her mind occupied on something she knew conclusively to be entirely real.

And although the black and white image of the film playing on her lap top filled Melisandre’s eyes, it was thoughts of Chloe which filled her mind. The swirling white gold glory of her hair floating freely in the gorgeous sun warmed water. The bewitching fathomless aqua of her eyes and the perfect angel’s bow of her lips. Her oh so deliciously inviting and eminently kissable lips.

The broadness of Chloe’s powerful swimmers thighs and the swell of her perfect breasts, occupied Mel’s thoughts with mounting insistence. And feeling excited at the prospect of meeting her again tomorrow and a little overstimulated, Mel roused herself and cleared away the wreckage of her meal if only for the welcome distraction.

And although she felt more than a little bashful at the naked eroticism of her lingering speculations. The undeniable fact was that Melisandre’s feeling towards Chloe, were a good deal more urgent than she could sit comfortably with. For what she was feeling amounted to no less that naked and unabashed sexual hunger.

But there was a dreamlike romance to the sensation as well. A joy and lightness of being which Melisandre could not help but indulge. As refreshing as it was after having dwelt for so long in grief and hardship.

Washing up after herself served to relieve the insistent yet delightful nervous agitation which thrilled Melisandre. But even these mundane tasks failed to dislodge the romance of the curious seaside encounter from her thoughts entirely. Finally she decided to take the shower that her earlier hunger had insisted she defer.

And Melisandre could not deny the trill of exhilaration which set heat heart racing. When she concluded that what she really wanted was to linger in her shower awhile. To indulge her imagination a little and let the fantasies playing out in her thoughts. To indulge the insistent ache of erotic desire which had built to a critical levels.

And Melisandre giggled delightedly as she hurried to the bathroom, even skipping a little with joy at the prospect of a little after dinner treat.


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