I can feel it. It is real. I know it is there.

For I have been there. I have known that place.

I remember how it was before this curse was laid upon me. Before my humanity was ripped away and I left monstrous and rendered unclean and reviled.

If I can but fight my way through this darkness and escape this nightmare. I am sure that I will gaze again upon wholesome skies once more. Breathe clean air and know the breeze upon my skin and in my hair once more.

I can see it in the distance. Though merest pin prick of dim light as it may be. It is there. I am sure of it. And I will reach it. This I declare.

I will earn my humanity once more. Win my freedom and shed this wicked curse as placed upon me curse for good and all.

That which was so brutally torn away from me I will reclaim.

For I have hope still and I would dare to dream.

I will rise. I will emerge into the light.

Just you see if I don’t.


The Drowned