I am so head over heels in love with love it is ridiculous. So hopelessly deeply irretrievably silly giddy infatuated with romance. It knocks my cotton socks off and thrills me straight out of my frillies time and time again. And I stand unrepentant and proud beside that fact as confessed. On that hill I will willingly fall.

Romance. Wondrous she. Glorious her oh my goodness my goddess.

I want you so.

I want your lips I want your mouth I want your tongue and mine together. I want your breasts I want your thighs I want you secrets and your sighs. I want to sink my teeth into you gorgeous backside and make you yelp. I want to give it good spanking and make it blush like a rose.

I want to leave my mark on you and I would have you mark me as your only one too.

I want to make you pant and moan and sing and sigh and come for me again and again. I ache for your taste and I crave your smell. But then.

I want more.

I want your voice in my ears and I want your thoughts in my mind. I want to know anything and everything about you. I want to learn your histories and mysteries. I want to know the saga and the legend and the fairy tale come true of you. The good and glamorous and the ghastly grim too.

I want to cry with you. I want to laugh with you. I want your bliss inside me and I want to know your agony too.

I want to say it and mean it for true and all. I want it to be.

I could say it every day of my life from here to eternity. First thing in the morning and last thing at night. Every second in between and even in my dreams I want to whisper. Oh my golly oh me oh my, I am so in love with you.

But, I have to keep my head screwed on tight to some degree. Let’s face it.

Swimming across the vasty ocean or scaling the highest windswept peaks just to be with you sounds fine and all. But there’s sharks and jellyfish and frostbite and exposure to be taken into consideration.

That’s just a fact.

I can hardly throw my arms around you if I’m a the bottom of the sea all corpsified and whatnot. A feast for all the creepy crawly scuttly things which dwell at the bottom of the deep blue. And frozen solid into a glacier just aint where I want to be.

It just aint practical, you see?


I think I’ll stay right here in bed where it’s all comfy snuggly cosy and warm and soft and sweet and blankety. Dreaming of me and you together all wistful wishful wanting and willing. Oh golly, oh so willing.

Yep. It’s sweet as sweet right here in dreamy bliss. And in this sumptuous gorgeous luxury I would dwell awhile.

And besides.

I have two special friends right here with me. One I call Rumble Rose cause she’s all burly and deep and rumbly. And the other goes by Pretty Poppy cause she’s all buzzy and tickly and thrilling and quick.

And guess what.

My special play friends are all charged up and raring to go. And I’ve got nothing better to do than be right here with my dreamy dreams of me and you.

So forgive me for taking my leave all hasty like. But to be perfectly bunt I got ants in my pants and knickers rabbits that simply must be attended to.

All day long.

Oh sweet romance. I am so in love with you.


Sweet dreams


Whippoorwill xoxxo