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Sophie Adler had thought long and hard about this moment. And she had decided that the count of four was perfect. Her kiss neither so lingering as to provoke disastrous outrage nor too brief to be discounted as without meaning or lacking passion.

And should Mrs Krieger object to her boldness, then she might argue that her kiss was merely an overly impetuous display of friendly affection. She would insist that no romantic overture was intended. Request Mrs Krieger’s forgiveness for the forward and inappropriate act and pray that the matter be forgotten.

But should Eleanor not object, then the count of four was just long enough to leave no doubt about what Sophie meant to express. Long enough to convey that this was no idle friendly peck, but a confession of the intense attraction she felt for the woman. A tangible demonstration of the undeniable hunger, which ached so insistently deep down in her very soul.

An ardent declaration of love and an expression of her most profound desire. For Sophie was indeed as hopelessly and irretrievably in love with Eleanor Krieger as ever a soul could be. And furthermore, she sincerely believed that she could reveal all the urgent hunger she felt for Eleanor in a single kiss.

Yes. Sophie had lingered long in this moment in her night time fantasies and ardent imaginings. Fantasizing how she wished it might be when her bold expression was made.

Daring to dream of how Eleanor might answer her passion in kind. Dreaming of how she might take her right there and then in that very moment. Her mind immersing her in thoughts of Mrs Krieger overwhelming her with blatant carnal savagery.

Her fantasies colored by the strictness with which Eleanor conducted her lessons. And by the overwhelming gravity and opulent severity with which she carried herself. Her delicious self possession and inspiring confidence and self assurance. Her natural regality and inherent authoritative majesty.

Oh how Sophie longed to know Eleanors hands upon her body. Her arms snaking about her waist and drawing her irresistibly near. Eleanor’s mouth upon her own. Their hot breath mingling, their tongues meeting, their passion for one another set wildly ablaze.

Eleanor’s cruel claw like fingernails sinking into her flesh so excruciatingly, her wicked teeth biting into her lip so deliciously. Eleanor tearing the clothing from her trembling body as she sang and sighed under the gorgeous woman’s savage sexual onslaught. Utterly helpless before the sweet savage Eleanor’s wanton carnality as Sophie rendered it in her mind.

Eleanor’s hands upon her breasts, grasping at her greedily, seizing her and dominating her. Even hurting her. Eleanor’s teeth upon her flesh and her finger tips exciting her to excruciating stimulation. Mrs Kriegers tongue lapping and licking at her sex as her fingers worked their way inside her.

Oh yes. How Sophie Adler did dare to dream so very fearlessly. And wish and wonder if and even hope. Her moans and sighs and cries breaking the silence of her empty bed. Night after gorgeous fantasy filled night. As Sophie allowed Eleanor to fill her thoughts and she drove herself to the brink of bliss and oh so far beyond. Again and again and over and over.

And oh how Sophie wished she might convey the depth of her yearning. The profundity of her ravening hunger. Delivering it in a single kiss measured carefully to the count of four.

And in this Sophie was entirely correct. For indeed there was no doubt in Eleanor’s mind about what Sophie had intended to express. She could practically taste the girls earnest want and desperate yearning on her lips. Eleanor could taste Sophie Adler’s need for her. She could detect the scent of aching arousal in the sweetness of the girl’s breath.

And Sophie ventured to imagine in that moment that she had not made a dire mistake.

But had Eleanor kissed her back or had she just wished it to be so. Had those perfect lips moved to meet hers? Or was it her hopeful mind merely playing tricks? And Sophie considered that perhaps in hindsight she should have counted to five.

But what was done was done. And now there only remained the interminable waiting. Would Eleanor scald her bold gesture? Would she turn her away and command her never to return? Or would she make Sophie’s sweetest and darkest dreams come true and yield to her confessed desires?

Eleanor stood silently for a moment or two as Sophie resumed her former confident stance. Nervously taking up the burdens of her backpack and instrument once again. Until eventually the briefest smile flashed across Eleanor’s perfect scarlet angel’s bow lips. At which Sophie beamed victoriously as her heart soared to dizzying heights of bliss.

For she knew that Eleanor was a woman of exceedingly moderate expression and tremendous reserve. And that fleeting smile had spoken volumes more than words ever could. And so far the story was a happy one indeed.

At length Eleanor stepped aside and extended her arm to admit her student. And what’s more, she spoke warmly and with an expression of fondness in her eyes as she did.

“Good afternoon Sophie. I see you are feeling bold today….”

“….please come in and go straight to the rehearsal room as usual.”

And jubilance reigned supreme in Sophie’s heart at her victory, and her entire being thrilled with the excitement of the moment. Eleanor had not retreated in shock or cursed Sophie for her arrogance.

But what did this mean? Had Eleanor read the message in her kiss? Had she felt the intensity of desire Sophie had so fervently wished to convey? Would she forever and always be tormented with questions and never answers?

What would it take? Would she have to strip naked and hurl herself at the glorious woman’s feet. For if that was the answer, Sophie would do so in an instant.

“Good afternoon Eleanor.” Sophie replied as she proceeded, pausing only to add.

“I meant no offence by my boldness, Mrs Krieger….I….merely wished to express….”

“….that is….” Sophie stumbled nervously over her words, wishing now that she had not spoken at all.

“To express what, Miss Adler?” Eleanor gazed deep into Sophie’s eyes.

“….my affection….” Sophie whispered.



And with this most candid and unmistakable confession now made, Sophie abruptly headed into the house and made for the rehearsal room as instructed. Half expecting to hear Mrs Krieger call her to account for her declaration in her deliciously strict tone. But no such challenge to answer for her willful and provocative conduct was made.

She heard nothing but the report of the front door close behind them. And the sound of Eleanor’s footfall on the hardwood floor as she followed her down the hall. Sophie acutely aware Eleanor’s presence behind her every step of the way. Imagining even that she could feel Eleanor’s gaze fixed intently upon her.

And anticipation and excitement thrilled Sophie Adler right through to her very bones. For if Mrs Krieger meant to deny her or turn her away she would have done so by now. But she had not.

At length Sophie entered the rehearsal room and placed her burdens down as usual. She retrieved her violin and bow from their case and stood ready for Mrs Krieger’s instruction. Standing proudly bolt upright with her instrument held neatly before her. Willing the trembling of her body and the racing of her blood to stillness. Though only partly succeeding in this endeavor.

And as soon as she had shut the rehearsal room door behind them, Eleanor paused at the threshold of the room and regarded Sophie briefly. Though speaking not a word, remaining tacit and inscrutable. Though her expression was one which Sophie had caught from time to time when Mrs Krieger thought she wasn’t looking.

When Sophie thought she had caught Eleanor stealing longing glances at her. A look within which Sophie ventured to dream she could detect fondness. And perhaps please god, even the ardent flame of desire. Mrs Krieger wanting her. Coveting her. Or so Sophie Adler dared to wish.

The tension was palpable and Sophie knew that she had upset Elleanor greatly with her kiss. That she had in some fashion overturned the glorious woman via that single wanton declaration of carnal desire and sincerest love.

For although she held herself with her usual easy grace and elegance, and her expression was as enigmatic as ever it was. Mrs Krieger’s perturbation was plainly evident. Indeed, Sophie could sense the intensity of Eleanor’s reaction to her kiss quite acutely.

But whether what boiled in the woman’s heart was anger or fascination, Sophie simply could not discern just yet. Which fact gave Sophie pause, for Mrs Krieger was not always so inscrutable to her as she was now.

Indeed Sophie found that she could often sense Eleanor’s feelings with remarkable acuity when she was in a heightened emotional state. It was the queerest and most remarkable thing, a kind of telepathy which she had otherwise never experienced.

For although Sophie was possessed of no preternatural or telepathic abilities. She could often feel something of Eleanor’s emotional state in a fashion which transcended mere human empathy.

But when at length Eleanor ceased her scrutiny of Sophie and entered the room. And the shroud of cryptic opacity which cloaked the woman’s feelings abruptly fell. As though she had relented in the maintenance of some veil of mystification.

And what Sophie felt in Eleanor now was an uncharacteristic discomposure and agitation. But something else as well. Was it fascination or tender affection?

There was a yearning in Eleanor Krieger’s heart. A kind of hunger which Sophie could discern as plainly as she could feel the thumping of her own nervous heart.

But there was something more which she could not so easily define. There was a complexity and convolution to that hunger. Something hidden from Sophie’s apprehensions still.

Something which Eleanor Krieger seemed to wish kept secret yet.


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