There are nightmares which never end. This I have discovered. There are living torments chthonic and Promethean in magnitude. This I have learned.

And monsters. They are real. This I have found to be true.

There is darkness so deep that one might lose their very self. Lost forever and never to return.

But there is more.

There are dreams come true, brighter and more glorious than the sun in its firmament. Fondest wishes can be granted and made real. The breath of life might be given to fondest heart’s desires and yearnings answered.

The sweetest of sweet dreams can come true. And even fantasy might be made into gorgeous reality.

Yes. It cannot be denied. There are agonies unutterably bitter. And there is pain unendurable which simply must be endured.

But for those souls bold enough to dream and to believe. For those who would dare to love wholeheartedly, regardless of the tyrannies of distance and time and impossibility. There is such felicity of heart and gladness of soul and to be won.

And I would endure the fire and walk through hell itself to touch that light and speak that life.

And I have.

And I would do so again forever more. For to achieve that pinnacle is wondrous beyond comprehension. To know that stillness and that sumptuous luxury puts quiet and calm to the even the direst cacophonies of screaming agony.

Indeed I dwell in that gorgeous rapture even now. And it is because of you.

My fond heart’s desire. My sweet dream come true.


Whippoorwill xoxxo


An unreserved and unrepentant message of love.