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Before Hazebaal knew what was happening, Azorah was upon her as a starving beast upon fallen prey. Her own body now ravening for satiety and her daemonic heart set entirely ablaze at the prospect of conquest. Her rod acutely erect and throbbing with rampant stimulation and her swollen lips engorged and pulsing with carnal need.

Her breasts swollen and aching maddeningly with provoked arousal. And her buds hurting with the sheer excruciating magnitude of her daemonic passion. Her sex fairly dripping with her incited thirst to take the elder daemon deep inside her as her eyes burned with ravenous hunger.

But no aspect of her being was so wantonly inflamed as her wicked mind. For Azorah’s truest and most sincere lust was to subdue the greater succubus with her beguilements. To fuck Hazebaal into submission to her supremely dominant will.

To possess her desolate ashen heart and so beguile her mind such that she might make of her a chattel. A conquered thing no longer mistress of her own will. Her motivations and desires so completely under Azorah’s sway, that she would be unto her as a willing slave.

And her preternatural seductions would be the chains which bound Hazebaal to her dominion. And her sex the very collar and manacles by which she might be bent into submission. And now that Azorah had felled the daemon Hazebaal with her sinful mouth. All that remained was to subvert her mind with her enchantments and bind her with her hungry cunt.

And Hazebaal was indeed just as stricken and vulnerable to poession as Azorah so wished. For even the twisted minds of daemons might be weaken and inhabited, just as surely and completely as feeble human minds might.

Indeed her entire being swam in the unutterable bliss of her daemonic cravings satisfied. And the sensation was so impossibly compelling and narcotic that all Hazebaal could think of was to desperately crave and want for more.

And this was the very hook by which Azorah meant to ensnare Hazebaal. To relieve the endless burning of her daemonic lust only provoke her once again with lust for her. To replace Hazebaal’s craving for the relief which came of the consumption of human souls, with craving for her and her alone.

To make of herself the only hope for the relief of agonizing want which Hazebaal might desire. To take possession of and subvert the very nature of the daemon’s desires. And in thus doing own her entire being and steal her wretched ghastly soul.

And Azorah’s evil machinations were working to great effect. For Hazebaal thrilled to the sensation of the daemon Azorah’s body writhing and grinding against hers. The supremly nubile little sluts flesh gliding so very sumptuously and deliciously against her own. As she reveled in the bliss of her hellish accursed cravings at last sated and relieved. Displaced entirely by a new burning desire for this supremely gifted daemon whore.

Her senses filled to overflowing with the intoxicating scent of her perspiration and pungent sex. Her apprehensions knowing only the opulent luxury of Azorah’s mouth now upon her own. The slither of her wicked forked tongue entering her mouth and finding her own.

Hazebaals issue which lingered copiously still upon Azorah’s mouth and tongue, working it’s delicious narcotic and aphrodisiac effect upon Hazebaal too. Just as effectively as the unutterably gorgeous silken softness of Azorah’s sumptuously ample breasts against hers. The lesser daemon’s gorgeous lips desperately kissing her own with a hunger born of supremely infernal carnal craving. Driving Hazebaal to the utmost heights of stimulation yet again.

Indeed such were the volatile delights Azorah conferred, that Hazebaal’s rigidity had not abated in the slightest since her climax. Indeed she was as ready and erect as when Azorah’s gorgeous bliss bestowing lips had first closed upon her. And although she had erupted prodigiously but moments before, the crafty daemon slut Azorah had her straining for more already.

And now the wanton’s gorgeous little cunt lips were closing deliciously upon her rod. Gliding back and forth so deliciously artfully against her maddeningly stimulated rigidity. Teasing and tormenting her with the blasphemous promise of imminent entry. Provoking her once more to outrageously engorged and stiffened need.

Until at last Azorah began to take Hazebaal inside of her. The sensation of the daemons sacrilegious cunt consuming her in its unspeakably delicious splendour, more horrendously gorgeous to Hazebaal than any furrow she had ploughed in all her cursed existence.

And with her legs straddling her haplessly stricken companion, Azorah drew Hazebaal gradually and luxuriously a little way into her starving sex. Her slick daemonhood contracting around the still twitching member, drawing it a little further inside her with every convulsive tightening of her snug opening. But still maddeningly holding the daemon in abeyance and denying her complete entry yet.

And it delighted Azorah to look to the desperate pleading in the elder daemons eyes, as she tormentingly drew her ever so gradually in. Admitting her a little at a time then withdrawing before taking her an excruciating fraction deeper again. Hazebaal moaning and gasping lustfully as Azorah consumed her inch by inch.

And as she drew Hazebaal so gorgeously gradually deeper and deep inside her, Azorah’s own daemonic member stiffened to a rigidity almost painful in extent. Dancing and jerking convulsively as it throbbed and ached for release.

Until at last Azorah gasped as Hazebaal rebelled against her teasing torments. Grabbing the nubile daemons fulsome fleshy cheeks and forcing her down upon her agonized rod.

And Azorah gasped and moaned with her own lusts now fully ablaze, grinding at Hazebaal’s hips as her stiffness thrust deep inside her. Filling her to the brim with wanton joy and stretching her sinfully tight little cunt to its utmost.

But even at this rapturous pleasure Azorah adhered to her wicked plot. And exctricated herself from the pained Hazebaal. Pushing the elder daemon down and falling once more to her excruciating teasing torments. Only admitting the elder daemon a little at a time even as she strove for gratification. And even though Azorah burned to let the daemon fuck her just as furiously as she pleased.

And the voyeuristic wytch Hekataea could take no more and began to acquiesce to her aching need. Her greedy eyes fairly sparkling with the lust dimmed glimmer of carnal want, as she watched the daemon succubi perform for her. Fucking one another to within an inch of their unholy lives for the gratuitous delight of her covetous eye.

She simply had to alleviate her desperate arousal, rampantly acute and irresistibly incited as it had now become. And indeed Hekataea felt her heart would burst in her chest if her stimulation was not soon soothed. And so she relented and her finger tips at last began to stroke gently and slowly against her oil slick cunt.

Parting her lips to reveal her clitoris engorged with desperate stimulation, so she might sooth its insistent aching via her finger tips caress. Her eyes narrowing and her moth falling agape as she gasped at the ghastly gorgeous drama unfolding before her.

And so the wytch watched entranced as she fucked herself a little. As Hazebaal strained and strove to thrust herself deep inside Azorah, their writhing forms glistening with perspiration in the candle light so deliciously. She thrilled to the carnal ecstasy cast upon the furrowed brow and panting mouth of each daemon. Their cries and whimpering moans filling her soul with desperate want.

Her fingers rubbing ever more earnestly against her swollen and engorged lips. And stroking and caressing with increasing fervour against her outrageously stimulated clitoris. Waves of bliss inundating her body and overwhelming her senses with unutterably gorgeous gratification.

The aphrodisiac potion she had consumed now working to great effect. Heightening her carnal pleasure to an unimaginably gorgeous extent. But adding delicious longevity to the experience as well. The wytch’s soul so filled with wanton bliss that she fervently wished for this moment to never end.

But the wytch had desires other than to fuck herself silly while watching the daemon succubi gratify each other. For Hekataea wished to be as they were, to be endowed as perfectly as Hazebaal and Azorah were. And she meant to have that miracle now more than ever.

Indeed her mind was filled now with the need to experience the delight that was taking place before her for herself. To love another in that way and to be deep inside the object of ones lust just as Hazebaal was inside Azorah. How she coveted that singular bliss. How she wished to be blessedly cursed with both lovers rod and cunt as the succubi were.

For this in truth was the wytch’s ultimate scheme and truest desire. Although she was not certain that the creatures could confer such a joyous boon. But she had to try. If she could win their favour and fulfil their lusts and please their daemonic hearts. Perhaps they could be persuaded to grant unto her their inhuman and perfect boon.

And as the wytch watched and wished her heart’s desire, the daemons grew frantic and vocal indeed in their hellish lovemaking. Azorah sat upright upon Hazebaal and ground her hips desperately as she cried out and roared like a wounded animal. Hazebaal thrusting relentlessly inside her groaning and howling like unto a fury. Grasping and squeezing at the creatures breasts as she drove them both to sinful rapture.

Hazebaal straining and striving to slake her once more maddeningly provoked arousal. As Azorah persisted in her teasing sensuality. Still refusing to fuck the increasingly desperate daemon as she so excruciatingly painfully wished to be fucked.

Azorah still torturing her so cruelly and wickedly by only allowing her in part way. Her calculating mind fixed solely upon the task of dragging the elder daemon to the very brink of desperation.

Bent upon the task of possessing Hazebaal’s mind and cursed soul. Of owning the elder daemon succubus completely and finally making of her a slave unto her superior beguilement.

And sensing that success in her wicked task would soon be won.


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