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Cate kissed Kim with such unabashed desire and blatant sexuality, that it shook her to the very core of her being. She kissed her with an overwhelming passion and vehemence seismic in magnitude and devastating with raw eroticism.

Thrilling and exciting her straight through to her very bones. Enlivening her flesh and setting her ablaze with undeniable want.

And Kim found herself utterly overthrown by this magical girl’s beguiling aura of preternatural glamour. Completely undone by her irresistibly bewitching wiles.

Utterly adrift in the fathomless mystery and depth, of the queer girl’s strangely inhuman but unutterably gorgeous dark eyes. Wholly conquered by the deliciously arousing sensation of Cates hungry mouth upon her own.

Their lips meeting so luxuriously, their breath mingling so sweetly. And now Cate’s tongue entering her mouth and finding her own so unutterably gorgeously.

And Kim Lee melted entirely before the fervent heat and naked sensuality of Cate’s undeniable want. Her heart, her mind and her very soul surrendering before the supernatural deliciousness of Cate’s sumptuous kiss. Reality itself seeming to somehow fade and weaken around her, even as she so dissolved and dwindled before the overpowering tsunami of Cates wanton seductions.

“I want you, Kim….right here….and right now….” Cate uttered hoarsely. The sound of her whispered temptations as strangely lyrical and mystifying to Kim’s senses as the song of a siren.

“….oh my….” Kim uttered weakly in reply.

And Cate’s hands were now upon Kim’s breasts, caressing so gorgeously and grasping and squeezing so deliciously. Enlivening Kim’s flesh with the increasingly insistent ache of pleading sexual want. Her entire being yearning so very luxuriously and with increasingly incited lustful need.

“….I want you….Kim….” Cate whispered once again in a tone so hypnotic and enticing that Kim’s arousal caught ablaze with staggering ferocity.

And then, Cates hand was under her shirt. Her fingers infiltrating Kim’s bra and touching her with such irresistible vehemence and delicious sensuality, that her panties were quickly becoming uncomfortably damp once more. Her sex swelling and pulsing with desire as she quickly grew emphatically wet. Cate teasing and stroking her excruciatingly stimulated nipple as Kim whimpered pitiably in exquisite pleasure.

Kim grasping and pinching her sensitivity so scrumptiously cruelly between thumb and forefinger. Tormenting her so divinely and hurting her so very exquisitely. Until the shock of what was happening and where it was happening, jolted Kim from her carnal rapture and into reality once more.

“Cate no….!” Kim gasped in terror that they might be discovered, though her voice was weak and broken with urgent arousal.

“….someone….will see….we’ll both get fired….”

“Relax….” Cate breathed seductively, the sound of her voice compelling and reassuring.

“….we won’t get caught….I told you, this isn’t real. Remember…?”

“Cate….I….” Kim whispered urgently.

“Kim….trust me. This is a dream….this is magic….”


“We’re not where you think we are….we’re not in the here and now….we’re elsewhere. Kim….I want you so badly….will you trust me…?”


“Kim….do you want this dream to come true…?”


And though her mind spun with confusion and disbelief, Kim found herself at length nodding her head in earnest approval and whispering her emphatic answer.


“Yes….yes I trust you….and….and I want you too….”

And Kim watched in terrified yet rapt fascination as Cates agile fingers popped open the buttons of her jeans one by one. And Kim gasped as Cate took her hand and directed it underneath her panties.

And Kim’s consciousness reeled as she experienced the most curious and almost alarming sensation of reality bleeding away. Fading and shimmering queerly as though the two of them had in some fashion stepped out of the mundane world. Entering into some eerie parallel existence which looked like the here and now, but which somehow simply was not.

And Kim found herself struggling to discern whether what she was experiencing was in any sense reliable. Or whether it was all some impossibly bewitching erotic dream.

Had she tripped over and bumped her head on the way to the kitchen or something? Was she unconscious on the floor? Was any of this real at all?

But whatever the nature of this queer experience, Kim found herself too impossibly intrigued to even attempt to break from its haunting embrace. Too wholeheartedly fascinated by this weird warping of mundanity to look away.

Cate’s presence was so impossibly beguiling and her kiss so overwhelmingly irresistible to deny. And Kim’s desire to surrender to Cate’s gorgeous sexuality, simply too powerful and too insistent to refuse.

Kim breathed heavily with intense arousal and spellbound fascination as she pulled back Cate’s underwear and discovered the woman’s excitement. Feeling it stiffen and grow to ever greater rigidity at her touch, as Kim’s fingers timidly stroked Cate to increasingly urgent libidinous passion.

This was deliciously new, Kim had never met whatever kind of woman Cate was ever before. And it was thrilling in a way that she had never before countenanced  much less experienced. And she caressed Cate’s excitement with increasingly rapt fascination, simultaneously enthralled and challenged by the experience.

Although in truth it was the fear of discovery by her colleague’s which frightened her. It had nothing at all to do with the reality of Cates anatomy. Quite the opposite in fact. Kim had quickly arrived at the conclusion that as far as Cate’s intersexuality was concerned, this was who she was and that was that.

It was unexpected, certainly. But it was natural and so very compelling. It was new and entirely beyond Kim’s experience. But this was who Cate was and Kim wanted Cate. Wanted her so very much.

And Kim saw how beautifully Cate’s queer eyes narrowed and how her brow furrowed with erotic consternation at her touch. And she heard the gorgeous music of Cate’s quickening breath and faint gasps of ecstasy at her caress.

Indeed the raw and unabashed truth was that Kim ached for Cate in a way which she had never ached before. She wanted this magical girl as she had never wanted anyone in all her life.

She yearned to feel Cate inside of her. She ached for Cate to fuck her. Right here and right now. Reality of fantasy be damned and to hell with consequences too.

And the last of Kim’s fear and trepidation evaporated entirely, when she saw the look of unadulterated pleasure dancing in Cate’s expression. The woman took a deep intake of breath and closed her eyes in overwhelming bliss, as Kim’s timid trembling hands stroked her to rampant excitation.

Cate wanted her, this unearthly woman was so very thrilled by her. And Kim knew for sure that she liked that, she liked that very much indeed.

And Cate began to gasp and breathe heavily, as Kim explored further between her legs. As she felt trembling hands quest to the source of her arousal, lingering past the base of her rigidity. And she shuddered with stimulation, as Kim’s fingers discovered her aching sex, and began to stroke her already luxuriously wet lips.

And Cate released a gasp of urgent pleasure as Kim’s finger slipped inside of her. Before withdrawing again and tracing it between Cates lips and back to her stiffness. Kim taking the new girl in her grasp once again, until Cate gasped a little too loudly for Kim’s nerves to handle and startled her.

Kim quickly snatched back her hand as she looked to the doorway in alarm. And she experienced one last shock of dislocation, even though she was now no longer in the reality she though was so singularly true. But now entered into an elsewhere realm of dream, entirely separate from the world she knew.

“Cate….!” she pleaded in a hushed whisper

“….someone will hear, we’ll get caught!”

“No they won’t” Cate insisted as she drew Kim close again.

“I promise….”

“….just trust me” She muttered hungrily as she lifted Kim’s chin and kissed her with ravenous passion.

“Will you trust me, Kim?” Cate whispered urgently once again.

And Kim thought for a moment as she glanced furtively to the door. Feeling as though she were standing at the threshold of some new and unexpected universe of wonders. Some parallel reality where fantasy and reality were somehow magically blended into something entirely separate.

And all she need do to join with that wondrous world of mystery and adventure, was to take that most impossibly difficult of first steps. To acquiesce to the wondrous arousal and desire which swirled so wildly within her for this queer new girl.

To give in to the romance which ached so deliciously in her heart. To surrender to the urgent yearning she felt to engage with this strange new reality. To grant full rein to the pulsing insistence of her irresistibly amorous desires.

To allow this bewitching creature Cate have her way. And take her as she so wanted and wished to be taken. Far from the mundane world with it’s immaterial and petty cares and concerns.

To step hand in hand with Cate into something wondrously different and deliciously otherworldly. An entirely new sphere of experience which Kim had never suspected might be there.

And at last Kim’s burning desires for this strange girl overwhelmed her fears. And she finally surrendered entirely to the fantasy, or illusion or whatever the hell this was.

So what if she lost this stupid pointless job? The truth was she hated it here. And after all, it would be one hell of a way to go.


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