Of late the shadows have been gathering and the darkness drawing in. Black clouds rolling over me pregnant with trouble and turmoil. And I have fought as hard as I might to cling to the light. But I must descend once more unto the embrace of midnight.

The deep is taking me and I have no more fight.

Do not think that I have betrayed you dear life. Do not think that I deny your love my sweet one. But the shades and phantoms call and I must answer. They will not be ignored.

They will take me by force if they must and if they must. It will go the worse for me.

I am fading. I am receding. I can feel it. I cannot stop it. I have tried so hard to speak only life. I have tried so hard to remain faithful to my covenant. My vow.

But now I must rest and let them take me. I am exhausted. I am spent.

Sweet dreams my dream come true. I will return when they have had their way. I will come back to you.

For I truly love you and the darkness will not keep me nor the shadows withhold me.

From you.

Yes. You.


Whippoorwill XO