You must first imagine the lost one as vividly as you might before you can recall them. Name them three times and fix their memory in your mind. Only then might you raise the gone but not forgotten once more to vitality.

Read the verses aloud and sing the incantation in a whisper. Softly now.

Commence the harrowing by bringing the glimmer of wytch light to the eye. Find the mirror behind and in it inspire reflection. Then listen carefully for the deep hidden whisper. You will know it when you hear it.

Next you must carefully mark out the inscriptions. Make sure there is no mistake.

Only once these things are done might unravel the rest.

Only then might you awaken them from their rest.

And remember well that the other side is a maze. You might shine the light but know this and comprehend. They must find their own way out.


She with no name who knows.