The shadows creep away once again and the darkness rolls back. The tide recedes at last and it’s passed. The clouds are gone and the sun shines upon me once more.

I am tired but alive and I can breathe.

The air is sweet and crisp and clean. There’s only the dull ache and the heavy heart. The puffy eyes and swollen cheeks.

That and the empty hollow silent sorrow.

But that will pass.

I don’t have to remember anymore. I don’t have to know. I can feel it but I don’t have to look. Don’t have to see.

I’m not them anymore. I’m just me.

There’s flowers blooming now. There’s light and love.

There’s peace and quiet.

The pandemonium has passed and the cacophony is quiet. The carnival of creeps has left town and the circus freaks have slunk away with their winnings.

The nightmare is over for now.

Just a dream.

It was all just a bad dream.


And the Whippoorwill Sings.