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Thoughts of Chloe had so animated Melisandre’s imagination and so enlivened her fluttering heart. That her very soul seem to thrill with romantic excitation as her body quickened with amorous inspiration. And whatsmore, thoughts of the mysterious girl had so animated her sexuality and provoked her libido. That by the time Mel stepped into her shower she was near frantic with sensual agitation.

And it was as a breath of fresh clean air to feel so alive and so exhilarated. It was as gorgeous as cleansing rain upon her skin on a fine day to experience such unabashed hunger. For the want Melisandre was feeling for Chloe was so strangely magical and enigmatic. So wonderfully pure in aspect and free in character. And so very overwhelming in flavor and mystery and so irresistibly compelling.

The feeling of the hot water cleansing the salt and sand from her skin at last felt unutterably delicious. And Melisandre lingered for some time, simply enjoying the gorgeous feeling of the water washing through her hair and cascading over her awakened body.

The heat of her shower penetrating her flesh straight through to the bone. Chasing away the lingering cool of the ocean water and the slightly chilly evening seaside air. And lending to Melisandre’s arousal an even more intense glow of unearthly bliss as she renewed herself.

The sensation of heat lending an extra radiance to the feeling of desirability both Chloe and Blaire had inspired in her. Until Melisandre’s hands began to wander as her imagination lingered luxuriously in romance. And she indulged the liberal application of her favourite body wash. Delighting in the sensation of the elixir moisturising and revitalizing her sea salt beleaguered skin.

Her hands gravitating to and lingering at the sensitivity of her breasts. Caressing and squeezing and kneading her tenderness as she felt herself rise in stimulation. Her flesh beginning to ache acutely with passionate craving as she felt herself swell with want. Her delicacy stiffening proudly with urgent stimulation and hurting a little with delicious need at her touch.

Her hands then moving lower to cleanse her belly, lingering deliciously near her agitation but withdrawing before getting too close to her arousal. Moving instead to her legs and thighs, but eventually finding their way to her cheeks. And there dwelling in squeezing and caressing as she imagined that it was Chloe’s hands upon her.

Her caress at length returning to her thighs again, but this time working their way inwards. Nearer where they had not dared to dwell before, but still resisting the urge to wander so far as her ache.

And Melisandre’s breath grew heavy as her lungs worked laboriously. And her heart began to quicken and beat madly with inspiration. Although she moderated her insistent desires and washed herself thoroughly before she indulge the smouldering embers of her agitation. Wishing to take her time and dwell within this luxury for as long as she might. For it was heavenly. It was divine.

And Melisandre remembered how wonderful it was to be a sexual being once more. And the burden of long years of emotional weight fell from Mel’s mind, as she once again felt the ecstatic playfulness of romance. And the urgency of her eroticism awakened as it had not been awakened in far too long. The gorgeous sensuality of feeling wanton sexual hunger, of wanting and of being wanted.

And Mel gasped breathlessly as she at last acquiesced to her yearning. And her wandering hands found their way to the wellspring of her agitation.

She began to trace her fingers back and forth between the cleft of her engorged and swollen lips. Compelling herself to take it slowly and linger in the sumptuous bliss of her agitation. Not wanting to spoil the magic of her fascination for Chloe with hastily provoked gratification.

And Melisandre began to please the bonfire of stimulation which now roared so furiously within her. Her fingers finding themselves deeper and deeper between her inner lips with every slow luxurious stroke. Before beginning to work her fingers in earnest circular gestures against her pulsing sex.

Her head fairly spinning and her heart now beating wildly. As Melisandre’s entire being filled to overflowing with wondrous pleasure. The song of her sighing moans of bliss now emphatic and pleading in tone.

Until Mel was compelled to put out her trembling hand to steady herself in her carnal consternation. For fear she might slip and break her neck in her dizzying agitation. Her exclamations of satisfaction now becoming sharp and desperate in tone, as her finger tips supplied her the most delicious stimulation.

But at last Mel was compelled to sink to her knees before the sheer overwhelming power of her arousal. Her fingers now working with rapidly increasing urgency in ever more frantic strokes. Melisandre whimpering and gasping in agitation as her finger tips at last rubbed urgently against her acutely stimulated clitoris.

Melisandre finally beginning to moan in erotic desperation, as she slipped first one finger, then two deep inside her throbbing thrilling sex. Her orgasm beginning rapidly to emerge even as she valiantly strove for moderation. To make this gorgeous indulgence last as long as she might compel it to.

But eventually Melisandre could take no more and she began to rub furiously at her agitation. Her free hand squeezing and grasping at her swollen breasts. Her fingers pinching and tormenting her excruciatingly stimulated nipples as she puffed and panted in delicious sexual urgency.

Until at last Melisandre cried out loudly with blissful joyous rapture. As the most wonderful orgasm began to detonate from within her. Lending relief to the desires of her body and joyful release to the emotions which swelled so fiercely in her chest.

Melisandre’s orgasm emerging and erupting with such tremendous intensity and excruciating energy. Buffeting her entire being with wave after relentless wave of sexual rapture. Leaving her gasping and sobbing with unutterable ecstasy even as she continued to gently caress her sex. Compelling her seismic orgasm to linger on interminably.

Until at last she relented, her intense pleasure to acute to indulge further. And tremoring and convulsing uncontrollably in heavenly euphoria, Melisandre wrapped her arms around herself. Hugging her body tight as she came and came.

Daring in that moment to wish and hope that someday soon, it would be the magical girl Chloe who so held her in her eruptive happiness. That one day, perhaps tomorrow. It would be Chloe’s fingers thrilling her and making her come.

And so Mel dwelt for time uncounted in her sensual felicity, until at last she recovered her wits and struggled weakly to her feet once more. Filled from tip to toe and inside out with gratification and happiness. Fairly overflowing with the spirit of romance and the flush of wishful hope.

Melisandre finally exited the paradise of her shower, towelled off and moisturized her still glowing body. Retreating at last into the gorgeousness of silk pyjamas and her favorite fluffy dressing gown. Returning to the sofa to finish her movie and to relax a little longer before taking to her bad at last.

Feeling much less agitated and relaxed, Mel opened yet another fresh beer and rolled herself a little joint before bed. And thus contented Mel smoked and drank and watched the film. Her fingers toying idly with her new ring as her mind wandered inexorably back to thoughts of Chloe.

Images of the impossibly beautiful girl sharing the tidal pool with her, filling Mel’s mind once more. And Melisandre felt heat and hunger growing within her as her heart once again began to race, her needs apparently not yet satisfied.

Now that her body was cleansed of sea water and still glowing from the heat of her shower, Melisandre could contain her wild and inflamed passion no longer. Her head swum with the high of her smoke and the heady and relaxed warmth of the alcohol in her bloodstream.

And it swum with images of Chloe taking her in her arms with her gorgeous angel bow lips closing on Mel’s. Consuming her with passionate fervour, and conquering her heart more completely than she had ever known before.

At last Melisandre surrendered herself entirely to her fresh fantasies, the sound of Chloe’s voice still lingering in her mind like some half remembered tune. She imagined the dark olive of the girl’s perfect body contrasting against the pale white of her own as they came together in her mind.

She imagined exploring Chloe’s body with mounting hunger and ravenous ardour. Fingertips discovering and bringing impossibly luxurious delight with their touch. And Melisandre’s hand wandered from toying with the curious ring on her finger, as she finally surrendered to her inflamed passion and explored her intense hunger again.

Parting her bathrobe and working her hand inside the silken luxury of her pajamas and under her panties. Sighing with intense gratification as she discovered how wet she had become again. And astonished at how awakened her libido was and how insistently it craved gratification.

It seemed her new home in the fresh seaside air had enlivened her more than she could have predicted. Indeed she felt like a new woman filled with such intensity of passion as she now apparently was.

And she liked it. This person she was becoming excited her senses and filled her with hope for wondrous adventures to come. Who knew what fantastic exploits awaited her. Might she even dare to guess?


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