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At last Hazebaal could suffer no more of Azorah’s infuriating teasing and tormenting. Indeed she ached furiously even unto the brink of suffering to sate her demonic lust. And she would no longer be denied. She lusted for the bitch daemon Azorah’s delicious cunt as she had never lusted ever before. She craved to thrust herself as deep inside the slut as she might so fiercely that her yearning tore at her cruelly.

And the elder daemon succubus rose in maddened lustful insurrection and bodily seized the lesser daemon. Ravenous to the point of insanity with erotic consternation. And without withdrawing from her she threw the creature on her back and forced her to submission. And now it was the daemon whore Hazebaal who dominated the arch slattern Azorah.

And Azorah in her scheming crafty art allowed Hazebaal her way, for surely this was a sign that she was winning the daemon over. That Hazebaal was so infiltrated of intellect by her beguilements, that the elder bitch succubus was no longer mistress supreme of her own will. And was acting purely out of maddened carnal instinct rather than by poisonous seductive machination.

Thus indicating to Azorah that she had Hazebaal unbalanced and vulnerable to suggestion and beguilement complete. And perhaps now even possession, just as the lesser daemon succubus so craved.

Yes. Azorah undoubtedly had Hazebaal’s attention now, surely she was winning her scorched and desolate heart. Surely she was unseating her mind and her will, rendering Hazebaal vulnerable to conquest. Yes. Soon she would reign supreme over the elder daemon succubus’ lust and seize dominion over her.

And a victorious smile of unabashed joy flashed across Azorah’s sinful lips. And wickedness danced as hellfire flames in her dead black eyes. Soon she would own the polluted soul of the elder daemon entirely.

And Hazebaal the unholy whore would be but the first. Soon Azorah would seduce others yet and bend them also to her domination and beguiling wytchery.

She would build a formidable harem retinue of ensnared elder daemons about her. Subvert them to her supremely sinful will. Bend them to her purpose and poison their minds with her covetous ambitions.

And when the time came, when she had built her coven sufficiently. She would rise in rebellion against the incumbent queen of the hell of succubi.

Queen Lamia Imperatrix, the first harlot. The Jezebel of all Jezebels. The arch slut maximus primus. Or Lamia the lazy and redundant as Azorah saw her through her jealous eyes. The queen who had reigned too long and was now limp and pitiful and in need of replacement.

Lamia the queen Azorah lusted to tear from her throne of ease and rend to pieces. And with that seize the unholy sceptre, the cursed orb, the spited crown. And finally the throne of whores she would claim all for herself.

But all in time. Insurrection and conquest was a far off dream yet. First she would need an army behind her to wage that war. And winning Hazebaal would be her first victory in her long and lustful bloody path to dominion. First she must win this battle to set off down that path. And it was a battle Azorah meant to win.

Hazebaal positioned herself above the smaller daemon as she writhed and squirmed in ecstasy beneath her. Seizing Azorah’s wrists in her cruel clawed hands and pinning her to the wytch’s chamber floor. Until at last she thrust herself deep inside Azorah and blessed her with her daemonic limb, with all the vigour and fervent vehemence that her inflamed lust demanded.

And howling and roaring in her ecstasy, Hazebaal fucked Azorah with vengeful fury. Her senses knowing only the bliss of her rod and the sumptuous luxury of the sluts delicious sex. Her mind mind unheeding of anything other than her lusts satiety. Not feeling Azorah seep into her evil mind or her desolate wasted soul at all.

And Azorah arched her back and ground her hips, howling and yelping in agonising delight as Hazebaal drove her deeper into dizzying depths of satisfaction. Filling her entire being with her lust and testing her sinful cunt to its utmost. She and Hazebaal’s seductive glamour’s now fully entangled, creating a potent magickal aura of impossibly delicious sensual agony.

Again and again Hazebaal thrust herself deep into Azorah, until at last an expression almost of shock came to each of them. Both astonished at the glorious and unprecedented apex of carnal ecstasy they had created together.

Until at last their howls and roars became unified in furiously blissful desperation, as Hazebaal and Azorah exploded simultaneously and in perfect orgasmic unison. The barking cries of their shared climax filling the chamber with the terrifying echoes of their diabolic frenzied lust sated.

And Hekataea watched entirely unheeded as all this transpired, her body glistening in the candle light with perspiration and anointing oil. Until she could endure the magick of the creatures combined glamour, and the aphrodisiac that coursed through her veins no more.

Thus Hekataea’s stroking fingers now parted her lips, and began to rub in earnest at her lubricious clit. Her strokes matching the thrusts of Hazebaal’s hips, as she dreamed how delightful it would be to know Azorah in the same fashion. To take the nubile little daemon as Hazebaal was taking her. To fuck the living daylights out of the succubus slut, and make her howl and pant and grind as Hazebaal was doing.

The writhing and impassioned moaning of the creatures before her, was an impossible dream. A fantasy brought into luxurious and vivid living reality. She desperately tried to stifle her cries as she worked herself to fulfilment, afraid that the scene before her would vanish like a mirage if she were to disturb it.

But as Hazebaal thrust her final shuddering strokes, and as Azorah struggled and wriggled and writhed in pleasure before the onslaught, Hekataea could contain herself no more. And her desperate cries were added to those of the howling daemons, as her body convulsed violently with her intensely joyous and powerful climax.

The wytch’s orgasm erupting with the violent energy of an earthquake. Enhanced to stupefying heights by the aphrodisiac elixir she had too greedily consumed. The reverberations and pulsing waves of her excruciatingly blissful orgasm, thrilling her through to her bones. Setting her senses spinning and mind reeling wildly in wickedly divine rapture.

Until Hekataea fell spent to the floor, her fingers rubbing earnestly at her pulsing aching sex. Compelling her eruption to reverberate on and on. As wave upon devestating wave of orgasmic bliss crashed agonizingly against the ruinous rocks of her sacrilegious lust. And while she was consumed with her own private universe of blissful gratification, the daemon succubi were entirely lost in their own.

Adrift in one another’s hungry lips and burning eyes. As Azorah worked every last drop of Hazebaal’s pleasure from her throbbing daemon prick. Causing the creature to gasp and convulse spasmodically, as Azorah’s powerful and artful musculature extracted the last of Hazebaal’s issue from her body. Feeling her desolate daemon seed scald and scourge so very deliciously inside her.

“Hell’s very….teeth….” Hazebaal gulped and gasped desperately. As Azorah the hellishly talented eased her ubiquitous daemonic hunger yet again. Granting the elder daemon precious ease from her agony such that she had never known before.

“….your magick….it consumes me….I burn in its flames….”

“You have won me…Azorah…!” Hazebaal whispered in a frantic hiss as she kissed the daemon with hungry passion and zealous adoration.

“You sate my eternal hunger….you ease my agony as no other has….in all my incarnation….”

“….you have won me….I am yours….” Hazebaal growled and snarled in her extremis.

“….but promise….your beguilements and your sinful slit to me again….and I….I will give myself to you….”

“Azorah….supreme slut….say this will be…..”

“….I plead…!”

And at this Azorah smiled devilishly, for she knew by those words that Hazebaal the hell whore was now entirely hers.


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