Do you ever seem to experience the echoes of what will be? Do you seem to hear words not yet spoken or catch glimpses of what has not yet happened? Do you seem to see as if in dream or vision things which you could not possibly have known?

Do you seem to find yourself in some elsewhere place? Swimming the waters of endless time and space as though there was no then and now? Walking the world freely as though there were no here and there? As though all these things were as but one seamless tapestry of illusions?

Do you seem to drift away or somehow fade and wander here and there behind the shadows and shades of reality?

Or is it just me being an incurably mental case? A basic bitch without a hope of ever knowing sanity?

Perhaps it is one of these things. Or perhaps neither or both. Who knows. Who cares. It does not matter.

But I tell you this.

To swim those magical waters of the endless gulf of time and space can be unutterably gorgeous and sensual. So deliciously wondrous and beguiling. So whether I walk that other spirit world alone or in fine company, I will do so happy and content either way.

And I’ll tell you this too.

I believe I am far from alone. I believe I see others there too. I see spectral figures fading in and out. Shimmering and flickering in clarity. Coming into focus and then evaporating once more. I believe those apparitions are other elsewhere wanderers.

And it seems to me that one of them is you.

Yes. You.


Whippoorwill XO