I delight in filling my every free waking hour with your wonderful words. It is my heart’s content to immerse myself in your prose and stories and poetry. To swim free and easy in the gorgeous waters of your beguiling thoughts and bewitching imagery.

All those who I would follow forevermore. All those who I so adore.

But I know I have supped to greedily from that cup and sated myself too avariciously. When I begin to imagine that every last word I read is all about and solely for me.

I cannot read and write forever, much as I wish that I might. So its time to shut it down once again and dream my dreamy dreams of you tonight.

I do so enjoy this press of words but I must sleep. And there will be time enough tomorrow.

I hope.


Sweet dreams to you, yes you wherever you may be.

Love Whippoorwill XO


Well….maybe one or two more posts….