Go and be you alone in a wild place free from the cares and concerns of the mundane mortal world. Far from the noise and clamor and pollution of that desolation falsely named civilization. Leave aside all those devices and contrivances by which you are chained to it.

Leave everything worldly forgotten and far behind you.

Build a fire in the dead of night beneath a star filled sky and by the light of a pregnant full moon. Feed and tend and nurture that fire as you would lovingly nurture and adore a babe. Until at last you have made it for to roar high and fierce and bright. Take ease beside your blaze and be comfortable by its heat. Naked is better.

Gaze long into your blaze and enter its depths. Pay heed to its secrets. For secrets there are within it. If you would but enter free willed and open of perception.

Look and look well but also see. Listen to it roar and purr but also hear. Hear the crackle and the pop and the fizz and also the murmurs and the whispers. It speaks. Do you hear? Listen closely.

Know now that you are not alone. And know you also that here and now and then and there are not quite as they seem. And neither is dead and gone.

See and hear and begin to perceive that others draw nigh unto your blaze. Feel them gathering about you as they approach to share with you in the life giving heat and light.

Know that your wyrd sisters long since passed into the elsewhere realm would be with you. Do you feel them? Do you hear them whisper to you as though from afar?

Feel the past ones dead but not gone gather as in coven all around you.

Feel the ages and the eras and the epochs evaporate in the heat. And feel the presence of those long departed around you and from them gather energy and power. Feel the riddle and the joke of what’s real and unreal rise up and disperse into the night air with the flames.

Listen well and hear also. Look deep and also see. Know what your wyrd sisters know. And realize that the fire is inhabited. That there is sentience dwelling within the flames.

And know that as you gaze long into the fire. That the fire gazes long also into you. And deep too. Deeper than you know.

And when you have heard the whispers of the entities which dwell within the fire. And heard also the whispered greetings of your wyrd sisters departed but not gone. Let your perceptions cast about and seek wide and far.

There in the wooded forest about you. Do you feel them?

The beasts and creatures which look upon you. Those which are aware of you presence in their realm.

Now seek deeper and let your perceptions radiate from you in yet broader range.

Do you feel them? The others?

Those wild horned and hoofed entities which dwelt here long before your most ancient ancestors. Those who will abide in this place long after you have passed. Long after civilization has fallen and humankind has succumbed to its own poisons and noxious vapors.

Those who are wild and wanton, carnal and willful by way of instinct. Those who watched from the shadows as the first fire was made.

Do you see them? Do you hear them? Do they heed you also?

Then speak with them. Share in their whispered secrets if they would have you know.

Listen carefully to what they tell, hearken well to their words and from them learn. And when they have said their say, pay them what they ask for in return.

They may bid you sing for them. They may bid you dance. For such things have always pleased them from the beginning of time.

Do as they ask. Raise your voice in song and dance for them by your pagan bonfire bright. Be wild and wanton and be carnal and willful. Haughty and proud and unashamed and free.

Be sensual and sexual. Be seductive and beautiful for them. For this has ever pleased them also. And you do not want to know them as displeased. Trust me.

And if you please them artfully and well, they may even wish to sport with you if you are fortunate. But this you must not expect for it is rare and their fancies fickle. But if they do, oh such blessings of ecstasy you will know. Trust me.

Forget time and place. These things are of no consequence or importance here. Here in this place where you have now arrived.

Sing and chant and dance and sway and writhe until you see. See through their eyes. Know by their minds. The old ones. The ones who walked before.

And when that communion is ended sleep and let your mind journey where it will. Wander free in that elsewhere spirit realm of dreams and visions. And when the sun rises upon a new day you may find. That you carry into the world with you new knowledge. New born understanding and fresh perception.

And this is far from the end and all of it. Far indeed. For your learning has only begun and will never end. Not even when you are one of the coven of the passed but not gone ones too.

There is much arcane knowledge to be learnt. And whispers hidden to be heard and secrets esoteric to be uncovered. And we have not even spoken of the secrets of the oceans or the mountains or the deep places or the skies.

But there is time enough for these things yet. Be happy now with what you know and have learnt of the forest and the flame. And of the ancient ones who dwell within and will forever be.

And know also that it is a long hard road this path you have been called to. This way of craft which you have heard and answered is no easy way.

Not least of all in making your voice heard and your wytchery felt. For there is a cacophony of clamoring voices which would drown you out and talk over you. A throng of false healers and phony holy men who would shout you down to silence.

But do not let yourself succumb to their wickedness. For you are far more powerful and potent than they. Do not let yourself forget that simple fact.

But remember that those who speak against you worked bloody murder once amongst our kind. They hung us high and put us to flame without a care. And that murderous hatred yet abides in their hearts still. Though they would disguise it in this age, behind falsehoods and lies of civilization.

But do not be deceived. Murder lingers in their minds still. Holy learned men of lust and greed and hate will never change.

Do not be deceived by their lies of godliness and goodness.

But take heart and know that your wytching way will be. It will prevail. They will know your wyrd magicks. They will feel your potent hexes. They will hear your wychcraft speak. Loud and clear as the tolling of a bell at the end.

Oh yes. They will see.


Emmaleen Hollyoak