Look at the stupid deluded little monstrous freak of an imbecile. See how it makes a clown of itself the deplorable pathetic dunce. Wretched thoughtless fool of a pitiful creature that it is.

I will care for it the way it understands. I will take it under my cruel wing.

The despicable nitwit thought it could be something more than a pathetic parody. More than the ridiculous stuff of farce. Its contemptible existence more than the butt of a sadistic spiteful joke.

The creature thought to share something of itself. To actually believe itself precious and worthwhile.

How it hurts itself with its forlorn fancies and its spurious illusions of value. It even deluded itself to be a desirable thing. Silly child.

I will give it the care it is familiar with. I will swaddle it in pain.

Oh. Sweetheart. Did you think you could be beautiful? Did you think you could be worthwhile? Did you hurt yourself with your hollow hope and wistful wishes?

Did you actually believe you could be anything more than the twisted and deformed monstrosity you are?

Did you think they could ever want you?

Did you actually believe they could love you?


Oh sweetheart. Such lies you tell yourself. Such delusions you allow yourself to entertain.

Come along with Mercy now. Let her wash away your foolish hopes and empty wishes. Let mercy hurt you awhile.

You know you can trust Mercy’s sincerity. You know she will always loathe you true.

Let Mercy have you awhile my sweetheart. Let her torment you. You know you can trust pain.

And you know Mercy will tell you the truth. Mercy always tells the truth. She never lies.

You are uglier than sin most hateful. You are as worthless as the noisome stinking filth in the gutter. Your thoughts are wretched and perverse demented things. Your words are to others as the noxious buzzing of corpse flesh glutted flies.

Why, you are the ugliest thing I have ever seen, my sweetheart. A paltry shabby shameful thing.

A gloomy hopeless boneheaded buffoon. A twisted and warped malformed grotesque. Think my sweetheart. Use what little brains you have.

Who could ever want you. And for pity’s sake my sweetheart. Why?

Trust mercy.

Mercy never lies.


Whispers Lost and silent for awhile.