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Acquiescing at last to the spellbinding enchantment which so agitated her heart and so fascinated her mind. And surrendering to the maelstrom of urgent arousal which now boiled so furiously deep inside her. Kim nodded her head nervously but eagerly. Her startled eyes narrowing in erotic hunger and shining bright with carnal craving. Her entire being now aching with urgent arousal for this queer new girl, Cate.

And in a voice hoarse with yearning and tremulous with erotic fervor. She gave herself completely to the phenomena of supernatural seduction unfolding before. And finally Kim hungrily repliedin tones simultaneously timid but decisive.


“….I trust you Cate.”

“I trust you….and I want you. Right here and right now….and I don’t care who sees….”

And with this Cate jubilantly dominated Kim and took her in a passionate womanly fashion. Her queer dark eyes fairly aflame with erotic want and her lips smiling so deliciously wantonly as she took possession of Kim.

First the bewitching girl bodily maneuvered Kim against the wall with a forceful hand. Then falling to her knees she unabashedly and hastily reached under the trembling girls skirt. And abruptly pulled down her lust sodden underwear in one swift lascivious motion. As Kim gasped in agitation at Cate’s shameless enthusiasm and audacity.

Kim clumsily stepping free of her discarded knickers as the queer bewitching girl artfully effected their removal. Her breathless response to Cate’s overwhelmingly dominant sexuality expressed as urgent gasps and shocked whimpers. Her erotic perturbation now so completely activated that she fairly trembled with libidinous need.

And Cate lingered a while on her knees before Kim, her senses thrilling to the sweet smell of the girls very apparent arousal. And she held Kim’s hips as she lifted her skirt and looked upon the heart aching beauty of her aroused sex.

Cate smiling all the more wickedly in her delight. When she saw the evidence of Kim’s intense stimulation trickle from her sex and run down her inner thigh.

And Cate could not help but adore the girl all the more for the gorgeous fervency of her want. And pressed her cheek to Kim’s body as she shivered in response and touched her finger tip to Kims wetness. Luxuriating in the sumptuous softness of her belly and the surprisingly downy silken quality of her dark pubic hair.

Then turning her face to Kim’s arousal she teasingly kissed as the girl trembled before her in erotic agitation. Breathing in the delicious smell of her excitation as she revelled in Kim’s acute stimulation.

And the sensation of Cates lips upon her aching arousal was so unutterably gorgeous. That Kim’s head spun dizzily with sexual consternation. And she entangled her trembling fingers in Cate’s hair as she felt the girl begin to lap at her sex so adoringly that she feared she would faint right then and there. Cate treating Kim to several long lingering strokes of her tongue as Kim gasped breathlessly with each caress.

And  then Cate abruptly seized Kim’s legs in her arms and stood fully upright again. Lifting the significantly smaller girl up to eye level, bearing Kim’s weight with ease. Gripping her cheeks and supporting the weight of her legs under the crook of her knees, as she pinned her against the office kitchen wall. Kim’s dripping wet sex now entirely at Cate’s mercy as she trembled in her arms.

And Kim became powerfully intoxicated with lust for the amazing tattooed woman, to even greater extent than she had previously been. Cate’s dominance was so impossibly arousing and her display of strength so intensely and deliciously overwhelming. And Kim could feel the final bastion of her fears and reservations fall before the sheer erotic energy of Cate’s supremely dominant desire.

There was such wanton magic to the bewitching girl and such an intoxicating glamour. An impossibly seductive aura of disarming sexuality that Kim simply could not deny or resist. And she gave herself entirely, heart mind and soul to that magic and set her body free. Desire washing though her with an intensity complete and now entirely unrestrained.

She threw her arms around Cates neck and kissed hungrily, as she felt the queer girl’s pulsing excitement begin nudging at her swollen lips. The astonishing new experience exciting her to unprecedented heights of ravenous sexual hunger. Her mind reeling as she struggled to comprehend what was happening.

‘This can’t be real….’

‘….this has to be a daydream….a fantasy….’

‘Cate….she’s too wonderful to be true….’

Kim’s head spun and her heart soared with the astounding sorcery of whatever the hell was happening to her. Her fear and shock at having simply passed out of reality into some kind of wonderfully vivid fantasy. Now evolving into intense exhilaration and overwhelmingly avid desire. And such was her rapture that it scarcely surprised Kim when Cate answered her unspoken thoughts in wanton whispers.

“Yes…I am real….”

“And this is no fantasy….”

“….I want you Kim.”

“Oh my god Cate….I want you too….” Kim Lee uttered in response, entirely vanquished by fervent desire now grown critical and desperate in magnitude.

“Are you sure Kim…?” Cate offered one last time, reassuring herself that this indeed was what the girl truly wanted, heart and soul.

“Oh god yes….I don’t care who sees….I want you to fuck me Cate….right now….”

“….right here….please…fuck me….”

And Kim surrendered her lips to Cate’s kiss as again and again the new girl’s rigidity began to glide back and forth between her hungry lips. Kim Lee utterly stupefied at the gorgeousness of the sensation of Cate wanting her so very apparently badly.

And both began to gasp and sigh with pleasure as Cate ploughed relentlessly between Kim’s gloriously excited lips. With an ever growing urgency and desperation she drove Kim deper and deeper into desperation. Her pulsing thickness delighting Kim as it glided excruciatingly luxuriously against her clitoris with every stroke.

“I want to be inside you Kim…” Cate muttered hoarsely as she pulsed and ached with need.

“….please….I want you….”

And Kim confronted the confused maelstrom of thoughts and emotions which boiled wildly within her. She had never in all her life experienced someone inside her in this way. But eventually she nervously nodded her head and whispered.


“….but I’ve never….I mean….”

“….I’ve never had someone inside me like this.”

To which Cate uttered in gentle response, in spite if the excruciating agony of her fervid want,

“….we can stop right now if you want….if you’re too scared….”

At which Kim nervously glanced at the open door. And then to the beguiling magic of Cate’s deep and impossibly gorgeous dark eyes.


“….I want you Cate….I want you inside me….now.”


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