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Azorah wrapped her arms and legs tightly around Hazebaal and drew her as close to her as she might. Binding the elder daemon bodily as well as spiritually and mentally. As her crafty sinful cunt yet contracted and convulsed with obscene sensuality at Hazebaal’s still pulsing daemon prick. Milking every last tremor of throbbing bliss and every last drop of her scalding issue from her. As her riotous orgasm lingered on and on interminably as she continued to purr and growl.

The lesser daemon prolonging the easing of Hazebaal’s agony of eternal daemonic lust as long as she might. Knowing that the elder succubus would do anything to know that ecstasy again. Thus leaving her naked and entirely vulnerable to possession and seductive domination complete.

Azorah working her temptations still to ensure that Hazebaal’s fate was well and truly sealed and without even the slightest shadow of doubt. The lesser daemon yet whispering salacious seductions into the elder daemons ear as Hazebaal lingered in her stricken state of gluttonous satiety.

The lesser daemon slattern seducing the elder ever deeper and deeper into her snare. Delighting in binding Hazebaal tighter and tighter still in domination. Even though she knew that her possession was complete as it might be.

“How I have craved your sinful lips Hazebaal….”

“….how painfully have I hungered….to have you hard and high inside me.” Azorah whispered and hissed her wicked beguilements, taking full delighted advantage of the elder daemons weakened state of mind and susceptibility of will.

“Craved to know your wanton arts and your wicked ways of supreme carnal fuckery.”

Azorah biting and nipping at Hazebaal’s lips, and teasing her cruelly with the lustful lash of her sinful tongue. Deliberately and calculatingly recalling the elder daemon to the sacrilegious blessings it had but recently conferred.

So wickedly even as to provoke Hazebaal to stiffening arousal yet once more, even though she had been now twice thoroughly slaked. Azorah so swaddling her in salacious inducement that Hazebaal could not help but to rise for the arch slut again.

“It was so much more than….I had dreamed….” Azorah breathed heatedly and sighed and hissed as she felt Hazebaal begin to harden inside her again.

“So much more than when I would think of you and please myself….”

“….alone and craving your lips…wanting your rod….hungering for your cunt.”

“….wishing and wanting, Hazebaal….to know your smell in my senses….your taste on my lips….and to know your burning seed scalding in my belly….”

“Oh….how I craved your scorch….deep inside me….”

And Azorah’s seduction was working like a wicked charm on the elder daemon. Her possession drawing about Hazebaal’s will ever tighter and tighter.

Indeed Azorah could feel the greater succubus’ potency shrinking in submission before her own dominant beguilements and charms. Her daemonic magick possessing Hazebaal as darkness possesses the night. Drawing the elder daemon succubus deeper and deeper and yet deeper still into her thrall.

“But can it be true” Azorah whispered in her sweetest and most enchanting purring tone.

“Have I really won you ashen heart….my sweet and savage Hazebaal?”

“….Yes….” Hazebaal whimpered as Azorah continued to pleasure her member with her clenching grasping lips. Her passion growing supremely rigid and engorged with lust yet again, even as it dwelt spent and emptied inside Azorah.

“Do you really offer yourself to me? A newly incarnated…?” The daemon seduced.

“Oh yes….Azorah…!” Hazebaal hissed and whined, her desolate daemon heart now thoroughly enthralled and her senses now entirely seduced.

“And you will be as an imp to me? Even though I am so young and fresh of incarnation?”

“Never have I been so enchanted….so mystified….so sated….” Hazebaal replied in purring sighs, gazing deep into Azorah’s hypnotizing eyes

“….never have I been so lost in another. Your ways of seduction are without equal. Never have I been so awakened….”

“Never has my burning lust….ever been so….completely slaked….”

“Never have I fucked another so furiously… I have fucked you and would fuck you again….forever….”

“And never ever have I come so hard and hot and long….as when fucking you.”

And Azorah radiated bliss as she sensed the powers of the elder waning pitifully before her. Her will giving way entirely before her beguilements as Hazebaal succumbed so completely to her possession.

“Could it be that you are willing to promise yourself to me Hazebaal, to me alone?” Azorah tempted and cajoled.

“For the pleasure that I give….” Azorah cooed and purred as she artfully agitated against Hazebaal’s excitement.

“….for the ease you bring to my ever burning lust….” Hazebaal gasped and gulped in reply “I would serve you until the end of time.”

And Azorah held Hazebaal close, enveloping her entirely now in her utterly dominant magick. Binding Hazebaal totally at last and possessing her more entirely than she had thought possible.

“Then promise yourself to me imp….”

“….promise yourself to your new mistress, Azorah….”

“Say it imp…!” Azorah hissed cruelly as her cunt clenched and gripped deliciously still at the  elders painfully rigid spent prick. “Say the words….Hazebaal….say them….”

“I promise….” Hazebaal whispered, hopelessly lost in the inferno of Azorah’s deceitful and manipulative, but above all irresistible seduction. And in the stupefying pleasures her sinfully hellish cunt so lavishly conferred upon her lust.

“….my mistress Azorah.”

“Again…!” the daemon succubus Azorah demanded, her words as a lash of slavery upon Hazebaal’s infiltrated and subverted mind.

“….say it again, pledge yourself to me….” Azorah lashed again.

“….surrender yourself entirely….Slut imp!”

And as Azorah issued her command she caused her cunt to contract all the tighter upon Hazebaal’s still stiffened daemon prick. Taking it as though it were her own and possessing the member with her sex as she possessed Hazebaal’s mind. Tight and fast and uncompromising and pitiless in its willful wanton grip.

Compelling Hazebaal to speak the words of submission a daemon succubus would traditionally utter, when surrendering to the domination of another of their kind.

For such are the curious ways of succubi, that seduction and domination and submission are to them no mere sensual games. But matters of unholy tradition unbreakable and more binding that any limp and pitiful article of mortal law.

“I give myself to you entirely….” Hazebaal panted desperately, consumed completely in the irresistible flames of Azorah’s beguilements.

“….my mistress supreme….my delicious tyrant….my perfect gorgeous oppressor.”

“I am yours and yours alone. Azorah my queen!”

And with this, Hazebaal’s oath of possession and submission to Azorah’s domination was sworn.


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