Remember it again. Hear the creeping in the night. Hear that furtive stalking step. Remember the monsters in the shadows coming out. Feel them coming again.

Oh yes. Monsters that lurk in the shadows are real. Make no mistake. You remember don’t you sweetheart. Yes. You remember. You know.

You try not to. But Mercy will make you.

Feel the hateful hands. Feel the dreadful weight. Feel the oppression bearing down. Feel the ghastly restraint. Feel the stifle and the muffle. Feel the pain.

Live again in that nightmare. Feel its truth. You could not escape it then and you will never escape it now.

Feel the agony again. Feel the terror.

Know the blood.

Feel it dull in intensity. To the dread ache inescapable horror. You didn’t even bother to struggle and fight anymore. Did. You.

You deserved it. It was all you were worth.

It is all.

You. Will. Ever. Be. Worth.

You will know that poison inside you until you gasp your last. Understand your fate. Sweet. Heart.

You will never be able to tear it from your heart. You will never ever be able to cleanse that venom from your body. Never strike it from your flesh nor wash it from your blood.

It is yours until the day. You. Die.

Get used to it my darling sweetheart. You will never know peace. You will never know relief.

That scar is upon you for the rest. Of. Your. Wretched. Life.

You. Will. Never.




Maze Lost Me.