It’s just foolish, isn’t it. To believe. To dream. To hope. It’s always the same in the end. People just see what they want to see. What they’ve chosen for you. They don’t care that they’re tearing your heart out.

No. It’s worse than that. They don’t even realize. They don’t even notice.

They make their final judgement. You are what they say you are. Full stop.

Then the axe drops. They execute.

All you can do is guess what the crime was.

And the worst part is, they lure you to the block. They seduce you with lies. It’s okay. You can trust me. I accept you. I’ll help you. I’ll protect you. You’re safe with me.

But you’re not. They’re all the same. They take what they want and throw away the used scraps.

You can beg. You can plead. You can lay your soul bare. They don’t hear a word you’ve said. You give everything you’ve got and in the end it’s worth nothing.

You can break your heart declaring your love. It doesn’t matter.

You’d think I’d learn.