I woke up about seven or eight this morning, it’s now five in the afternoon and not a word has passed my lips all day. I just can’t speak. It’s funny. It’s kind of like I’ve run out of words? I guess?

Physically I’m absolutely fine. No motor control problems or any sign of physical illness of any kind whatsoever.

It’s not a tumor. Lol.

I keep expecting the spell to break at any moment and for the words to just pop out. I talk all the time. I chatter away all day, sometimes just to myself. I talk to my kittens constantly. But today.


Not a single word.

I’m not distressed or concerned, although I’m wondering how long this is going to last. My kittens aren’t in the least bit distressed or worried. It seems to be fine.

But it’s odd.

I’m sure it will pass in no time at all. It’s just some weird psychological aberration or something. It’ll be fine.

Frankly I’m more worried that I haven’t done any work on my novels for the best part of a week. I’ll open up my files and see how I go.

Wish me luck.


Whippoorwill xo


Oh. And if you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about, I posted about it this morning. Here.