Amplitude immoderate and frequency garbled. Carrier signal variance unpredictable. I have no idea what any of this static means anymore.

It’s all just white noise. Forced. Clumsy. Ugly. Detuned nonsense.

I think I might have been trying to do a poetry. But I just couldn’t pull the trick off. That flowers and meadows pretty Polly prosey stuff is just beyond me.


You’re laughing your arse off at me, aren’t you. Because I’m a joke I don’t get. I’m a comedy I can’t see. I’m not in on the fun. I am the fun.

Just some clown.

Pie after pie. Splat! Splat! Splat! Right in the face. And I’d run away if I could, but I keep tripping over these comically ridiculous oversize clown shoes.

Point and laugh all you like, it’s fine. I’m too deaf, dumb and blind to even realize.

Oh no! It’s worse than I thought!

Now I’m a mime!

The most basic mosaic of bitches.


How the hell did I get from lame radio nonsense to clown face? What the actual heck?

Good grief.

Where’s the off switch? Where’s the exit? Enough is enough. I wan’t to get off. This isn’t fun anymore. It never was. The laughter was fake. The smile was a farce and a sham.

Seriously. I want out.


Which way is over and out?