I’ve got all ten fingers and all twelve toes, count them up and be hap hap happy. Hooray! Two arms for reaching and for throwing around, and a fine pair of legs for wandering elsewhere and throwing around also, and even a dear little wiggly waggly tail. How cute! Best keep that tucked away though, otherwise folks will stare.

Two eyes for peeping and misperceiving, seeing what was never there at all. Although they need glasses for seeing now, or never ever again land is all blurry, you see? I always thought I would like wearing glasses and I was right, I do. I can see that now. Plus, I think I look cute in them. Pretty. That’s nice. That’s very welcomely nice.

Let’s see. What else. Oh yes! Got lungs that are coffin nail free and working very well indeed. Got a heart all pumpy and thumpy and swelly and achey and fit to burst most all the time. Although I wish it would calm down a little and beat a little less fervent and wild. But it moves the blood around with grace and ease, oh yes. I have blood aplenty too. Yay!

What else? Oh yeah, got my long strawberry blonde, that’s a different kind of dumb blonde. More reckless and doom driven and hellbound than witless and pretty vacant. What else? Got pale skin that’s seen too much sun, got freckles aplenty and perky little breasts. Up yours, gravity.

What else? Well I’m not sure. I’m told there’s a pancreas and a spleen and a liver. Don’t know what their for, I guess for pancreasing and spleening and livering. All good things, I’m sure.

And bestest of all I have you.

I suppose that’s more than enough to be going on with for now. Maybe I’ll think of other things later.

Who knows?

Just be thoughtful and calm and gentle and mindful. Deep breaths and steady as she  goes. You’ll be perfectly imperfectly fine. No need to freak the heck out, unless you do.

Wipe away the tears and see if you can find that smile. Forget about what you said and did or didn’t say while you were away. It’s more about what you do next. There’s still a chance. There’s salvage to be found if you look and listen.

Put your glasses on. That’ll help.


The Whippoorwills sing


Oh, and I said something too. Wanna know what I said? Ouija board.

Good grief.

I’m not the least surprised you’re fed up with my bulldust, I know I am. I’m suprised you lasted this long. And I’m grateful for what you gave me too, while you were around. I hope everything I gave back wasn’t all bad.

Not all. Not entirely. Surely.