The waters seem to have become rather deep, I find myself immersed way over my head. Seems I’ve still lost my voice. But that’s okay, it’s novel and new and makes a change.

And I’m sure the fever of silence will break soon.

I had an appointment with my wise woman therapist witch yesterday. It actually went pretty well. All notepads and hand signs and expressive gestures. Funny thing is, I seem to be communicating better without speaking.

I went into a deep dissociative episode right there in her office. That’s never happened before. Not sure how I feel about that. I guess it’s a good thing….

If I could have a wish come true, it would be that I could help people feel happy.

Maybe I could do that. Stop flying my freak flag so high and try something else. Post inspirational quotes or maybe tell elephant jokes. I like elephant jokes.

Or maybe you’re here for something else? Who knows?

Not me. Me is not even me, I don’t think.


Elephant Joke Me.


I dunno. Sometimes I just wish those others would shut the hell up and leave me be. But then what? I’d be all alone. And I wouldn’t have much to blog about.