Warning! Explicit material, both inflammatory and adult themed.


Maybe wonderful opportunities and tremendous potential are terrible things not to waste. I was just thinking is all, about some quote or other concerning sunrises and not letting things pass you by. And I asked myself….

Do I want to get out of bed and witness that gorgeous sunrise? Or do I want to stay right here twixt the sheets with this sexy slut with a greedy tongue and busy fingers. This magnificent bitch who adores the taste and the smell of me, and just wants to get all up inside me like a sneaky prawn again.

Thanks all the same, gorgeous happy Miss sunshine. For as lovely and unmissable as you may be, I’ll pass. I’m taking my own chances right here, all lazy and horny as an alley cat in heat.

I’m just fine in here with the curtains closed. It’s nice and hot and sweaty and high with the smell of sex. And I’ve got another O or two left in me yet. Oh and a big bag of weed as well and some pills to keep the lovin’ going on and on all day long.

Oh yeah, I could waste opportunities til the fucking house burns down. Missy rabbit‘s near done charging up again and hell, we ain’t even got to the strap yet.

Yep. I do believe we’ll stay right here where we are. Maybe toss another opportunity on the bonfire.


So let’s just recap. That’s….

Wonderful opportunities [where?!]

Tremendous potential [all gone up in smoke]

No gorgeous sunrise [okay]

Sexy slut greedy tongue busy fingers [mmm….]

Magnificent bitch [oh golly]

Sneaky prawn [yes please]

Miss Sunshine lazy and horny in heat [yep]

Curtains closed hot and sweaty smell of sex [check]

Big bag of weed [nice]

Pills all day long [fuck yeah]

Waste opportunities Missy Rabbit [alright!]

Hell, the strap [oh goodness, yes please]

Yep [yep]

Right here [still]

Opportunity bonfire [Hot!]


Yep. Sounds good to me. How bout you? Care to climb on in and join us?

Sure, there’s room for one or two more. After all, it’s a California Queen. (the king havin’ been dethroned and left for dead with his head cut off) Fuck we laughed when that bitch got dragged kickin’ and screamin’ to the block. Pussy grabbin’ orangutan lookin’ motherfucker.

Oh. But no boys allowed. See, this is no man’s land all the way to damnation and back. And good golly I tell you. Hellbound sluts are we.

Oh, and one more thing. Don’t even think about it, motherfucker. I’ve got my grandmother’s old over under scattergun, right here beneath the bed. And you know I love the smell of blood and the sound of rapey bitches screaming….

‘Oh fuck! I been shot!’


Drops le mic.

Loosey Lucid


Featured image via Canva.